Strategies for Public Health

A Compendium of Ideas, Experience, and Research from Minnesota's Public Health Professionals, Vol. 2

This document is intended to compliment and support the work being done throughout the state to improve public health.

Strategies for Public Health is a compilation of strategies based on ideas, experiences and research from Minnesota’s public health professionals. This document shares current evidence on the effectiveness of the strategies, and to the extent possible, identifies key partners that can play a collaborative role in implementing them. As such, it can support collaborative, community-wide efforts; can help evaluate whether efforts are making a difference; and can inform the planning, program design, implementation and evaluation of actions taken by state and local health departments, health plans, hospitals and clinics, the educational system, community-based organizations, and businesses.

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Table of Contents (PDF: 233KB / 7 pages)
Introduction (PDF: 329KB / 38 pages); including:
  Community Engagement (PDF: 51KB / 4 pages)
  Eliminate Health Disparities (PDF: 70KB / 10 pages)
  Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PDF: 41KB / 2 pages)
  Social and Economic Determinants of Health (PDF: 57KB / 6 pages)

Subject Areas

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (PDF: 1MB / 72 pages)
Child and Adolescent Growth/Development (PDF: 806KB / 72 pages)
Chronic/Noninfectious Disease (PDF: 917KB / 90 pages)
Disability/Decreased Independence (PDF: 142KB / 24 pages)
Environmental Conditions (PDF: 255KB / 40 pages)
Infectious Disease (PDF: 522KB / 73 pages)
Mental Health (PDF: 334KB / 31 pages)
Pregnancy and Birth (PDF: 1.17MB / 59 pages)
Service Delivery Systems (PDF: 625KB / 84 pages)
Unintended Pregnancy (PDF: 253KB / 22 pages)
Unintentional Injuries (PDF: 394KB / 28 pages)
Violence (PDF: 538KB / 66 pages)


Appendices (PDF: 522KB / 41 pages)


This document, Strategies for Public Health: A Compendium of Ideas, Experience and Research from Minnesota’s Public Health Professionals, Volume 2, is a continuation of a project initially supported by the Minnesota Health Improvement Partnership and the State Community Health Services Advisory Committee. We appreciatively acknowledge the contribution of the following Minnesota Department of Health staff that supported the writing, editing, production and presentation of this document:

Eileen Brooks, Debra Burns, Karen Gamble, Gail Gentling, Shawn Holmes, Lee Kingsbury, Peggy Malinowski and Sara Spanier.

Also, we wish to express our appreciation to all of the personnel in the Minnesota Department of Health for their hard work, expertise, diligence, patience and support in providing the content for the original version as well as Volume 2 of the Strategies for Public Health. Special thanks to the following MDH staff:

Paul Allwood, Evelyn Anderson, Elisabeth Atherly, Lynn Bahta, Judith Bergh, Don Bishop, Dorothy Bliss, Cindy Borgen, Vicky Bostrom, Bill Brand, Michelle Brasure, Jill Briggs, Laurel Briske, Estelle Brouwer, Sheila Brunelle, Mary Cahill, Ron Campbell, Ruth Carlson, Peter Carr, Elaine Collison, Cindy Cook, Hanna Cooper, Barb Dalbec, Jay Desai, Fran DesRosier, Heather Devlin, Maggie Donohue, Fran Doring, Marie Dotseth, Kim Edelman, Kristen Ehresmann, Gary Englund, the entire Environmental Health staff, Susan Ersted, Myron Falken, Patricia Faulkner, Linda Feltes, Dee Finley, Cheryl Fogarty, Maureen Fuchs, Joni Geppert, Jim Golden, Nila Gouldin, Deb Grundmanis, Nim Ha, Valton Henderson, Kay Herzfeld, Judith Hilton, Mildred Hottman-Roesch, John Hurley, Cindy Jacobson, Jay Jaffee, Lola Jahnke, Mary B. Johnson, Diane Jordan, Rebecca Kenow, Nancy Kern, Chris Kimber, Mark Kinde, Barbara Kizzee, Anne Kollmeyer, Jane Korn, Candy Kragthorpe, Valerie Larsen, Gloria Lewis, Dan Locher, Scott Leitz, Barbara Lundeen, Pati Maier, Mary Manning, Marie Margitan, Paul Martinez, Pat McCann, Mary Jo Mehelich, Mari Mevissen, Andrea Michael, Claudia Miller, Wendy Mills, Nicole Misowich Brown, Laura Oatman, Bruce Olsen, Ann O'Fallon, Amy Okaya, Linda Olson- Keller, Dianne Ploetz, Kelly Raatz, Nancy Reed, Laurel Reger, Lina Reinders, Allison Rick, Julie Ring, Mary Rippke, Marcia Robert, Martha Roberts, Margaret Roddy, Rosemarie Rodriguez-Hager, Jon Roessler, Maria Rubin, Marie Scheer, Mark Schoenbaum, Sara Seifert, Mary Sheehan, Lucy Slater, Jill Sondergaard, Sue Strohschein, Susan Stubblebine, Kathy Svanda, Stew Thornley, Sarah Thorson, April Todd-Malmlov, Deborah Trombley, Karen Welle, Emily Williamson, Dan Wilson, David Wulff, Pam York, Karen Zilliox.

We also wish to express our appreciation to those who contributed to this document and who are not or are no longer employees of the Minnesota Department of Health. Many thanks to:

Bill Adler, Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, Wayne Arrowood, Judith Ball, Carolyn Birnbaum, Jim Bluhm, Pauline Bouchard, Pat Coldwell, Jane Dietzman, Kathleen Fernback, Erica Fishman, Lou Fuller, Kaying Hang, Lois Harrison, Stella Hofrenning, Karen Holmes, Tom Johnson, Betty Kaplan, Jack Korlath, Mike McGinnis, Kim Miner, Barb Palmer, Diane Peterson, Mary Rossi, Guergana Savova, Lynn Sax, Rochelle Schultz, Elizabeth Shassere, Theresa St. Onge, Kristin Teipel, Dorothea Tesch, Mary Wanninger, Kim Wicklund.