Medical Cannabis

Recognizing the potential value of medical cannabis for treating some serious conditions, the Dayton Administration, lawmakers and advocates worked together to develop a compromise that allows suffering Minnesotans to use medical cannabis in a safe manner.

  NEW: Patient Interest Survey Results
  NEW: Intractable Pain Advisory Panel

  • Overview
    Learn the basics about Minnesota's medical cannabis program.

  • Manufacturers/Laboratories
    Information about the registered manufacturers and approved independent laboratories.

  • For Patients/Parents/Caregivers
    Read the draft rules and guidance for patients, parents and caregivers.

  • For Health Care Practitioners
    Information for health care practitioners about medical cannabis in Minnesota.

  • Laws/Rulemaking
    Implementation of the medical cannabis registry program will require significant rulemaking which will address different aspects of the program.

  • Task Force/Advisory Panel on Medical Cannabis
    Minnesota Legislature has created a 23-member task force to assess the impact of medical cannabis therapeutic research.

  • News
    News releases about the Medical Cannabis program.

  • About the Office of Medical Cannabis
    The Office of Medical Cannabis was formed in 2014 to enact legislation. It is located at the Minnesota Department of Health, as part of the Strategic Initiatives bureau.

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