Medical Cannabis

Recognizing the potential value of medical cannabis for treating some serious conditions, the Dayton Administration, lawmakers and advocates worked together to develop a compromise that allows suffering Minnesotans to use medical cannabis in a safe manner. A copy of the final legislation can be found online at Minnesota Session Laws CHAPTER 311--S.F.No. 2470.

As the program is implemented over the coming months, the following materials may help address common questions.

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Medical Cannabis Program Key Dates

Medical Cannabis Program News

Medical Cannabis Rulemaking

Implementation of the medical cannabis registry program will require significant rulemaking which will address different aspects of the program. You can find additional information on Medical Cannabis rulemaking online at Medical Cannabis Rulemaking.

Medical Cannabis Manufacturer Selection

The law requires that the Commissioner of Health register two medical cannabis manufacturers is required in law by December 1, 2014 with the expectation that they will begin providing medical cannabis to patients by July 1, 2015. In order to meet these goals the Office of Medical Cannabis is requesting applications from organizations interested in becoming a Minnesota medical cannabis manufacturer. You can find additional information about the manufacturer selection process online at Medical Cannabis Manufacturer Selection.

Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research

The Minnesota Legislature has created a 23-member task force to assess the impact of medical cannabis therapeutic research. The task force consists of legislators, state officials, consumers and patients, healthcare providers, law enforcement and substance use disorder treatment providers. Senator D. Scott Dibble and Representative Carly Melin co-chair the group. You can find additional information about the task force, including its members, online at the Legislative Coordinating Committee’s website: Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research.

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FAQ on Medical Cannabis in Minnesota

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