Medical Cannabis Laboratory Application Process Summary - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Medical Cannabis Laboratory Application Process and Forms

Application Process



The laboratory application process consists of a three-step process to ensure a thorough and fair assessment of laboratories.

  1. The laboratory must submit the application and all required documentation
  2. Laboratories who meet the requirements will be contacted for a site visit
  3. Minnesota Department of Health Approval

Once a laboratory has received MDH approval, the Minnesota medical cannabis manufacturers are free to establish contract relationships.

*It is required that all approved laboratories achieve ISO 17025 certification. 

Step 1: Submit Application and Documentation

A laboratory requesting approval to provide testing services to the state’s medical cannabis manufacturers must submit an application form supplied by the Commissioner and provide a variety of documentation including a Quality Assurance Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, attestation of independence from all Minnesota medical cannabis manufacturers among other materials.

Step 2. Laboratory Site Visit

The purpose of the on-site visit is to determine the ability of the laboratory to conduct testing for medical cannabis product for the scope of accreditation requested.  Various documents would be expected to be viewed onside during the visit including: Detection Limits, Training Records, Proficiency Results, etc.

Step 3.  MDH Approval

Once site visits are completed and documented, MDH will make a determination of whether the laboratory is approved.  If approved MDH will indicate with analytes and methods the laboratory is approved to perform for Minnesota medical cannabis manufacturers.    

Manufacturer Contracting

Once approval has been communicated, manufacturers will contract with one or more of the approved independent laboratories to test medical cannabis.


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