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Medical Cannabis Manufacturer Application Clarifications

NOTE:The answers provided on this page are intended to provide basic information and guidance. The final version of the Request for Application should be considered the official document.

The Minnesota Department of Health Office of Medical Cannabis is providing clarification on a few items that have generated a number of questions from potential manufacturers. 

Service Area Application

The Office wants to select the two best manufacturers to provide medical cannabis to patients. To assist in this selection, we want to provide additional flexibility to allow applicants to apply to both Service Areas, if desired. As a reminder, we have separated the state into two Service Areas, one for even congressional districts and one for odd congressional districts. We will allow applicants to submit one application (and just one Application Fee) but apply for both Service Areas. If an applicant is applying for both Service Areas they will need to identify all eight potential distribution sites. If an applicant wants to use its manufacturing site as one of its distribution sites, that will be allowed if it is selected for the Service Area in which the manufacturing site is located. 

For example, if the manufacturing site is in Duluth (District 8) and the manufacturer selected for the odd-numbered district Service Area (1, 3, 5 & 7) it will NOT be allowed to use its manufacturing site as a distribution site.  If, however, it is selected for the even-numbered district Service Area (2, 4, 6 & 8) it will be allowed to have a distribution site at its manufacturing facility. The maximum number of distribution sites a manufacturer can have is four and all four must be within the Service Area district it is selected for.
It is important to note that no one manufacturer will be awarded a registration in both Service Areas - a manufacturer is limited to serving only one Service Area.

30-Mile Distribution Site Restriction

Another area that has generated questions is the requirement that two distribution sites cannot be within 30 miles of one another (with the exception of Congressional Districts 4 & 5). Based on feedback and the uncertainty this requirement creates, we are eliminating this restriction. The final version of the Request for Application (RFA) will not contain any requirements regarding the distance between two distribution sites.

1,000-Foot Setback from Schools

The Office has received several questions regarding how to measure the 1,000-foot setback for the medical cannabis manufacturing and distribution sites from schools (public or private). The Office expects this setback to be measured property line to property line in a linear manner or “as the crow flies.” 

Health Care Practitioner Financial Relationships

Another question raised by multiple stakeholders is whether a health care practitioner (physician, physician assistant or a licensed advanced practice nurse) can be an owner (or part-owner) of a medical cannabis manufacturer or have a financial relationship with a manufacturer. If a health care practitioner is NOT certifying patient conditions, MDH will permit the health care practitioner to have a financial relationship with a medical cannabis manufacturer. 

If additional clarification is needed on these topics or other questions arise for potential manufacturer applicants please send your questions to

Updated Monday, August 15, 2016 at 03:06PM