Additional Manufacturer Application Clarifications - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Additional Manufacturer Application Clarifications

NOTE:The answers provided on this page are intended to provide basic information and guidance. The final version of the Request for Application should be considered the official document.

The Minnesota Department of Health Office of Medical Cannabis is providing clarification on a few items that have generated a number of questions from potential manufacturers. 

Individual Tax Returns

The Department wants to select the two manufacturers who will be financially stable and able to provide high quality medical cannabis to patients. The Department received several questions and requests regarding the RFA requirement to provide 1-year of income tax returns for all investors in the applicant company. Some commented that his request was intrusive while others noted that the information contained in 1-year worth of income taxes will not provide useful information to assess an applicant’s financial health. 

After review of the question and suggestions, the Department agrees that the income tax information will not be particularly useful in assessing the long term financial stability of an applicant. The individual income tax requirement will be removed in the final version of the RFA and will be replaced with some other information that we expect to be more helpful in assessing financial health.

Registration or Oversight Fee

The Department has received several questions about whether the registered manufacturers will be required to pay a registration fee once they are registered in December of 2014 and if they will then be charged a fee annually after that.  There will be a fee that manufacturers will be expected to pay, but it is not associated to registration.  The fee will be an “Oversight Fee” and will cover the cost the Department of Health incurs to provide oversight of the medical cannabis manufacturers.  This fee will not be due until after the distribution of medical cannabis begins in July of 2015.  The exact logistics of when and how the fee will be collected are still being determined.  The Office expects the fee to be between $75,000 – 100,000 annually for each manufacturer.

If additional clarification is needed on these topics or other questions arise for potential manufacturer applicants please send your questions to
Updated Monday, August 15, 2016 at 03:06PM