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Online Continuing Medical Education (CME) Opportunities

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    TheAnswerPage is offering CME credits in medical marijuana and risk management at a reduced subscription fee.

Registration and Certification Information

  • Create Account
    Enroll in the Medical Cannabis Registry. You will need:
    • General information: name, address, email and phone.
    • Your medical license.
    • Your DEA license.
    • General information about the clinic(s) where you practice.
  • Log in to Certify a Patient
    Once you have created your account, you can log in to the registry and certify a patient.

  • Patient Annual Recertification and Enrollment
    Patients that are enrolled in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program must have their qualifying condition recertified by a Minnesota licensed physician, physician assistant (PA) or an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) on an annual basis per MN Stat. 152.27 Subd. 3 (b). Key points for healthcare practitioners to be aware of include:

    • A patient currently enrolled in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program does not have to have the current healthcare practitioner recertify them, they are allowed to have another healthcare practitioner registered in the program certify their condition.
    • Registered healthcare practitioners can recertify currently active patients in the program up to 90 days before the patient’s enrollment in the program expires.  If the healthcare practitioner is attempting to certify an active patient that was originally certified by another registered healthcare practitioner, they will need to search for the patient via the patient lookup on the healthcare practitioners main page in the registry.

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