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MDH at the Minnesota State Fair

Heading to the Great Minnesota Get-Together this year? Put the Minnesota
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Where will I find the MDH booth?

The MDH booth is located inside of the Education Building, near the cross of Cosgrove Street and Dan Patch Ave.

When can I visit the MDH booth?

You can stop by the MDH booth any day of the fair – August 25 through September 5, 2016 – from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

What will I learn?

This year's MDH booth spotlights how vaccines can protect you and your community.

A series of interactive games and displays illustrates how when we vaccinate ourselves and our families, we protect the entire community, especially people who can’t get vaccinated. This could be people who are too young to be vaccinated or people with weak immune systems from being sick or getting medical treatment like chemotherapy.

Other MDH Programs at the Fair

Antibiotic Stewardship Collaborative

The Minnesota One Health Antibiotic Stewardship Collaborative program is sponsoring a booth in the Eco Experience building. The booth features information for fairgoers about how widespread use of antibiotics for humans and animals drives the problem of antibiotic resistance and the importance of keeping antibiotics out of Minnesota’s lakes and streams.

Fairgoers can learn what they can do to combat antibiotic resistance and how to be better stewards of the antibiotics they use. Minnesota currently uses a One Health approach to antibiotic stewardship, recognizing that the health of humans, animals, and the environment are connected.

Drinking Water

MDH’s environmental health program is sponsoring a drinking water exhibit in the Eco Experience building, located at the corner of Randall Avenue and Cooper Street. The exhibit teaches visitors about Minnesota’s drinking water, encourages them to explore where our water comes from and understand the importance of keeping it clean.

The environmental health program is also participating in the “We Are Water” traveling exhibit, which features a collection of water stories from across the state. Visitors are encourage to add their own story to the fun and interactive exhibit which was produced in partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Located near these exhibits in the Eco Experience building, the highly popular Water Bar gives fairgoers a chance to sample flights of water from around Minnesota.

Lactation Station

Located on the west side of Underwood Street between Lee and Randall avenues, the Lacation Station gives moms a quiet, cool place to breastfeed or pump breastmilk. While women in Minnesota can breastfeed anywhere they are legally allowed to be, including the fair, the myTalk 107.1 Lactation Station, sponsored by the Minnesota WIC Program, offers moms and babies a private place to feed or pump and pick up information about WIC services.

Sage Cancer Screening

The Sage Cancer Screening Program will have a booth in the Health Fair 11 building. Sage works to help keep Minnesotans healthy through screening and early detection of breast, cervical and colorectal cancers. Screenings are provided at participating locations free of charge to people who qualify.


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