Medical Practice Act Workgroup

The commissioner of health has convened a working group to evaluate the state's Medical Practice Act to ensure that it effectively protects the safety and well-being of the citizens of the state and allows transparency. In this evaluation, the working group will consider practice acts in other states, including conduct that may result in disciplinary action.

Final Report

List of Meetings

Reference Materials

List of Appointees

Two Members of the Board of Medical Practice

  • Jon Vincent Thomas, M.D. (Board of Medical Practice President)
  • Joseph Richard Willett, D.O. (D.O. member of Board of Medical Practice)

Two Practicing Physicians Appointed by the Minnesota Medical Association

  • Terry Cahill, M.D.
  • Linda Van Etta, M.D.

Two Medical Educators

  • Barbara Gold, M.D. (UMN)
  • Darrell Pardi, M.D. (Mayo)

Two Senators

  • Senator David W. Hann
  • Senator Kathy Sheran

Two Representatives

  • Representative Bob Barrett
  • Representative Carolyn Laine

The Commissioner of Health

  • Commissioner Edward P. Ehlinger, M.D., M.S.P.H.

Two Consumers

  • Malcolm Mitchell (Workgroup Chair)
  • Thomas P. Webber

Two Experts in the Field of Medical Practice

  • Kathleen D. Brooks, M.D.
  • Jack Davis


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