Minnesota Environmental Public Health Tracking - Minnesota Dept. of Health

MN Environmental Public Health Tracking

Connecting Health and the Environment

Tracking Programs like the one in Minnesota literally keep track of the many parts of environment that can influence health. The environment includes chemicals in our homes, air and water, as well as parts of the physical and social environmental, like traffic and poverty. Tracking provides information on how relationships between the environment and health change over time and across Minnesota to help communities take action to improve health.

The MN Tracking Program is a part of the CDC's National Environmental Public Health Tracking program. MN Tracking maintains the Minnesota Public Health Data Access portal, which makes data on health and the environment publicly available. Bringing these data together better equips Minnesota's communities, policymakers, researchers and public health professionals to explore relationships between environmental exposures and health effects, and to take informed action to improve health.

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Updated Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 01:53PM