Minnesota Statutes

Environmental Health Tracking & Biomonitoring

Section 144.995
Definitions: Environmental Health Tracking and Biomonitoring

Section 144.996
Environmental Health Tracking; Biomonitoring

Section 144.997
Biomonitoring Pilot Program (Minnesota Biomonitoring Program)

Section 144.998
Environmental Health Tracking and Biomonitoring Advisory Panel (Advisory Panel)

Laws of Minnesota 2011 First Special Session (Chapter 2)
$268,000 the first year and $268,000 the second year are for transfer to the Department of Health to complete the environmental health tracking and biomonitoring analysis related to perflourochemicals and mercury monitoring in Lake Superior and disseminate the results. This is a one time appropriation. (Bill for an Act. SF3. Pollution Control Agency, Subd4 Land).

The state appropriation that supports tracking and biomonitoring activities is a one-time appropriation that will expire June 2013. MDH's ability to carry our Advisory Panel recommendations depends on the availability of funding for sample collection, laboratory and data analysis, and community outreach.

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