Current Issues

The trauma system would like to keep stakeholders informed about issues recently acted upon or currently being considered for action by the State Trauma Advisory Council (STAC). When considering an issue, the STAC contemplates its effect on the entire statewide system in addition to the local system(s).

October 2014 Trauma System Seeking to Hire Second Designation Coordinator
October 2014 Several STAC Positions Open for Appointment
September 2014 Level 3 Criteria Webinar Scheduled for November 6
June 2014 STAC Adopts New Level 3 Criteria
June 2014 Tourniquet Training Resources Now Available
June 2014 2015 STAC Meeting Dates Set
January 2014 MnTrauma Data Dictionary Released
Updated Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 02:14PM