Hospital Resources

Level III and IV Trauma Hospital Designation Criteria  PDF (12 pages/385 KB)

Trauma Hospital Resource Manual

Trauma Flow Sheet  MS Word (4 pages/68 KB)

Individualized Consultation

Billing Code

Educational Resources

Burn Center Transfer Agreements

ACS-Verified Level I, II and III Trauma Centers

Performance Improvement


Get Started!

Work Plan—Level III  MS Word (13 pages/214 KB)

Work Plan—Level IV  MS Word (10 pages/204 KB)


Applications for Designation/Re-designation

Level III Application  MS Word (17 pages/182 KB)

Level III Application Guidance  MS Word (18 pages/155 KB)

Level IV Application  MS Word (14 pages/168 KB)

Level IV Application Guidance  MS Word (13 pages/146 KB)


If you have questions regarding hospital resources or the designation process, please contact the designation coordinator.


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