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The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is challenging high school students to make 30 second videos about tanning myths or healthy skin practices to expose the dangers of UV exposure and the risk of skin cancer. You can help by promoting the UVideo Challenge - a fun project that can help high school students compete for a chance to win big cash prizes! AND think about tanning for what it is – damaged skin!


  • Tanning is popular in high school.
  • Tanning is a health risk – most skin cancers are caused by ultraviolet radiation.
  • The number of white women age 20-49 diagnosed with melanoma has increased 5% each year.
  • 31% of white female high school students in the Midwest have used an indoor tanning device at least once in the past twelve months.
  • Indoor tanning before age 35 increases risk of melanoma 59%.

contest guidelines

Participants must meet the following criteria. Those that do not will not be judged.

  • Minnesota students in grades 9-12 are eligible to enter.
  • Students must create and produce video on their own, without creative/production/technical assistance from adults.
  • Videos containing language or images of the body inappropriate for a general audience, including small children, will bedisqualified. Bathing suits should be appropriate for a high school swim class.
  • Video must not infringe on third party rights. Use of commercial music, video, and images (e.g. logos) are not permitted.
  • Contestants (and their parent or guardian) must agree to all terms and conditions on the entry form.
  • The length of the video must be exactly 30 seconds.
  • Videos must include at least 3 facts from the Facts About Tanning listed here to the right.
  • Videos must be submitted in one of the following formats: .MOV, .MPEG4, or .AVI
  • Students may submit multiple videos, but each video must have its own entry form.
  • Videos must have a unique title and not call their video “UVideo Challenge.”
  • Students upload their video to YouTube and e-mail a link to: health.uvideo@state.mn.us
  • Videos must be submitted no later than April 11, 2014 by 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.
  • ENTRY FORM/WAIVER AND RELEASE provided on the CONTESTANT PAGE is to be completed (including signatures) and mailed to:
    UVideo Challenge
    Minnesota Department of Health
    PO Box 64882
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0882
  • Online public voting will take place from April 21 - May 4.
  • Online voters will select the "First Place" winner to receive $1,000 and a "Second Place" to receive $500.
  • Additionally, judges will select their choice for $1,000.
  • Winners will be notified via e-mail by June 6, 2014.

Important safety notice:

  • Safety should be the highest priority. Video participants should not be exposed to artificial UV light (e.g. tanning beds). Participants should not film a tanning bed that is on (emitting UV light). MDH and the UVideo Challenge sponsors take no responsibility and assume no liability for any omissions, acts or damages that may result from the preparing of materials to submit to this contest. Teen producers should safely conduct their projects and avoid potentially dangerous production situations that put crew, actors, or the public at risk.


  • For questions, write to us at: health.uvideo@state.mn.us. Questions and answers will be posted on the website. Check the website every couple of weeks to keep up to date.

The UVideo Challenge is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Cancer Alliance and the Minnesota Dermatological Society.