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"Am I correct that, as Youth Coordinator, I would not be able to help in any way on this project? Also is there a set length for this, like 1 minute or 30 sec.?

The video must be exactly 30 seconds. That information is included in the rules on the entry form. You will want to read the entry form carefully so that the videos will be eligible to compete for the cash prizes.

In terms of providing assistance, the key is that the video is the students work. For example, if you are incorporating the UVideo Challenge into a course or theatre program, you might be talking with everyone in the class about use of lighting in theatre and film . That would be fine. However, it would not be appropriate for you or another adult to design the lighting for the video or for a scene in the video. You could answer questions and in some cases questions it might be appropriate to make a suggestion (have you tried doing X, Y or Z to solve that problem?).