Drinking Water Protection

Governor Dayton Holds Press Conference for Drinking Water Annual Report

Governor Dayton announces the release of the MDH drinking water annual report, which focuses on nitrate.

Flanked by MDH Commissioner Ed Ehlinger, Governor Mark Dayton held a press conference May 6 in conjunction with the release of the MDH Drinking Water Annual Report. This year's report focused on the impact of nitrate on Minnesota waters. Minnesota Drinking Water 2015 Annual Report for 2014 (PDF: 5 MB/33 pages)

Safe Drinking Water Act 40th Anniversary Video


Water Sample Collection


The Drinking Water Protection Program protects public health by ensuring a safe and adequate supply of drinking water at all public water systems, which are those that serve water to the public. This includes municipalities, manufactured housing developments, businesses, schools, and other facilities that serve water to more than 25 people on a regular basis.

The Urban Water Cycle
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