Being, Belonging, Becoming: Minnesota's Adolescent Health Action Plan

Vision for Minnesota Youth

Our responsibility as the community of Minnesota is to support and guide Minnesota youth in the healthy development of being, belonging and becoming. This requires a focus on wholeness and wellness, and seeing Minnesota youth as “at promise” rather than “at risk.” Minnesota youth can achieve health and well-being when they have the following:

  • The basic needs of adolescents are met (including food, shelter and safety).
  • Communities that embrace, respect and value adolescents.
  • Caring adults of all ages support adolescents through nurturing relationships.
  • Education is individualized to meet the needs of adolescents and the needs of society.
  • Social and recreational opportunities that are interesting and challenging are available to adolescents.
  • An opportunity to provide leadership and play an active role in their community, including policy-making.
  • Universal access to holistic physical and mental health services.
  • Support to reduce their risk for poor health outcomes.
  • Resources that are adequately funded, continuous and flexible to effectively meet the health needs of adolescents.
  • Participation in decision making is equal among all groups.