Adolescent Health Care - Sample Teen Notes: Tips for Young Adult Health

Sample Teen Notes

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Tips for Older Teen Health

Hey! Welcome to our Clinic. We have a special interest in Teen Health. We want you to be healthy, safe and health smart. If you have any questions, just ask us. Our services are confidential, so what you say is just between you and your doctor.

Common Issues That Affect Health


A lot is changing in your life right now. You may still be growing or have stopped. Many teens at your age are thinking about their future. Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years? What are your dreams? Many young adults are gaining independence from their family at this point in their life…financially and emotionally. Some teens feel like adults, some teens feel younger.


School is an important part of most teens' lives. Some teens finish high school, some go to college, some learn a trade, and some are not in school. Some don't finish and some get a GED. Some teens have other family responsibilities and priorities. We want to support you in getting the education you want and need for yourself.


Where is home for you? Do you live alone? With a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend? With a husband or wife? With kids, parents, and/or relatives? What's home like for you?


Dating, sex and relationships become more important as teens grow older. Some teens don't have sex. Some do. If you're sexually active, protect yourself from infections and unwanted pregnancies (condoms, birth control, Hepatitis B shot). Some teens are attracted to people of the same sex, or the opposite sex, or some aren't sure. Talk to us about your thoughts and feelings about sex.


Most smokers start smoking in their teens. Tobacco greatly affects your health and skin. Alcohol and drugs are frequently involved in teen accidents and deaths. Many teens have sex for the first time while drunk or high.. Are you using drugs? Are you worried? Do you want to stop? We can help.


The leading causes of death in young adults are accidents and homicide. Do you feel safe? Do you know how to stay safe in tough situations? Do you use: Seat Belts? Helmets? Guns? Weapons? Are you in a gang? Sometimes safety is less in your control. Have you ever been the victim of sexual or physical abuse? These things often require help from others.


Eat right. Be active. Take care of your body and stay healthy. What's your level of activity--couch potato, energetic, or somewhere in between? What activities do you like? Do you play sports? Are you eating healthy? Are you concerned about your weight or body image? We can help you be healthy.


Got the blues? Trouble focusing? Crying a lot? Hopeless? Angry a lot? Some people need counseling, others need medication. Don't know where to start? We can help you sort this out.

If you have any questions about your health, let's talk about it. If you would rather talk to a male or female, let us know. It's your body and your health. ONLY YOU can tell us what you need! If you forget to ask any questions, you can always call your doctor or write your questions down and ask us the next time you come in. We'd be happy to see you as much as you want. We recommend seeing your doctor once a year.


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