Adolescent Health Care - Teen Clinic Visit

Teen Clinic Visit

Colorful graphic of 4 adolescents.

There are several steps to a typical teen visit. Below are sample materials to help with each of those steps.

  1. Registration. The teen, (and maybe parent) register at the clinic. They fill out a clinic registration form and the parent is given a "Letter of Introduction."
  2. Rooming. As the teen is roomed by the medical assistant or nurse, (s)he is given a "Teen Screen" to fill out, while the parent is given "Parent Notes," which explain health topics for teens.
  3. Provider Visit. The provider discusses "Teen Confidentiality" with the teen and parent. The provider reviews the screen and identifies risk behavior. Talking to Teens offers guidance on talking to adolescents about health and risk behaviors.
  4. Exam. The provider may also do an exam, focusing on risk areas. The provider may ask the parent to leave during the exam.
  5. Treatment, Education, and Referral. After the exam and reviewing of risks, the clinician provides treatment and offers education using "Teen Notes (Early Teen) (PDF: 39KB/2 pages) ” or "Teen Notes (Older Teen)," which provide health guidance for teens. Or, the provider may use more specialized Patient Education Brochures, or may refer the teen to a community resource. The provider may also offer "Resources for Parents" to the parent.


Minnesota Health Improvement Partnership Adolescent Health Services Action Team in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health, Updated 2006