Adolescent Health Communications/Publications

Image of two adolescents: one female talking on a cell phone; one male dialing a phone number on a cell phone.

This page provides links to communication projects and publications regarding adolescent health issues.


green bullet Adolescent Health E-Newsletter

green bullet Minnesota Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health Databook, 2012 (PDF: 5.6MB/62 pages)

green bullet 2005 Report on Minnesota Adolescents: STD, HIV, and Pregnancy (PDF: 741KB/42 pages) | (Word: 1.35MB/42 pages)

The purpose of this report is to examine the following topics as they relate to the health of Minnesota’s adolescent population:

  • Sexual behavior
  • Contraception use
  • Bacterial STDs
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Disparities
  • Risk and Protective Factors

Although each of these topics has been examined separately, the goal of this report is to present coordinated information on these topics and help generate new ideas for prevention.

green bullet Consent and Confidentiality: Providing Medical and Mental Health Services to Minors in Minnesota (PDF: 76KB/13 pages)
Hennepin County Medical Center
Topic: Minor consent and confidentiality; legal guidelines for professionals.

green bullet Adolescent Health Action Plan: Being, Belonging, Becoming. If you would like a CD of this document, please contact the Adolescent Health Coordinator, Jennifer O'Brien, 651-281-9955,