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Licensing for Radon Mitigation Company and Sole Proprietor

The Minnesota Radon Licensing Act has licensure, work practice, continuing education and reporting requirements for radon mitigation.

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Radon Licensing System

Who needs a company license?

Any business or government entity that employs one or more licensed mitigation professional and performs or authorizes employees to perform radon mitigation. A licensed radon mitigation company is the business that oversees mitigation work of employed or contracted licensed mitigation professionals. A sole proprietor radon mitigation professional, who does not employ or contract with a licensed radon mitigation professional, is not required to obtain a mitigation company license.

What do you need to get licensed?

A radon mitigation company needs to identify one professional as the responsible individual of the business. This professional must be licensed as a mitigation professional in Minnesota. The applications for the company and individual can be submitted at the same time.

Application are completed online through the radon licensing system. Documents are to be uploaded online through the radon licensing system. No paper applications will be accepted. Applicants must submit:

  • A completed online application form
  • Proof of workers’ compensation insurance (or exemption documentation)
  • Name and mitigation professional license number of the responsible individual
  • Names and license numbers of all licensed mitigation professionals employed or subcontracted by the company
  • A non-refundable fee of $100 payable by e-check, credit card, or debit card. The license fee is waived if the company employs or contracts only one licensed radon mitigation professional


All Minnesota radon licenses are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance. Companies must apply to renew their license at least 30 days before the license expires.

Change in Responsible Individual

If a company has a change in responsible individual, they must notify MDH in writing within 30 days. The written notice must:

  • Identify a new responsible individual with their name and MN radon professional license number
  • Be signed by the new responsible individual
  • Provide the date when the new individual assumed the duties of the position

Radon System Tags

  • All mitigation systems installed by professionals must have a MDH issued tag.
  • Licensed mitigation companies and sole proprietor mitigation professionals can purchase tags. Tags must be purchased online through the radon licensing system.
  • Each tag is $75 payable with e-check, credit card, or debit card
  • A licensed mitigation professional must attach tags

Reporting Requirements

Mitigation work completed by a radon mitigation professional must be reported to MDH by a licensed radon company or a licensed sole proprietor mitigation professional. These reports are due quarterly (January 30, April 30, July 30, October 30) and must be submitted online through the radon licensing system. Information must include:

  • Name and contact information of the property owner or occupant, if available
  • Address where work was performed
  • Start and completion dates
  • Type of mitigation system installed
  • Type of building mitigated
  • Pre and post mitigation radon concentrations, if available
  • Mitigation system tag ID number

All data can be entered into a spreadsheet and uploaded as a .csv file (template is available online) or entered individually.

Standards of Conduct and Work Practices

Radon mitigation companies and sole proprietor mitigation professionals must follow standards of conduct and work practices:

  • Verify that all of its mitigation professionals comply with Minnesota rules
  • Verify that all employees directly involved in mitigation activities complete an NRPP-approved course or a minimum of 8 hours basic mitigation training from a licensed mitigation profession (Training must be prior to mitigation work, done annually, and documented with trainees’ signatures; use Mitigation Training Acknowledgement (PDF) or an equivalent document)
  • Ensure that all mitigation work is performed with on-site supervision of a licensed mitigation professional
  • Maintain training and mitigation records for 3 years
  • Notify MDH within 30 days of any changes to application information
  • Obtain local permits as required
  • Make available to MDH information including records, equipment, addresses, property owners and residents, and employees
  • Make available to MDH information including records, equipment, addresses, property owners and residents, and employees

Operation Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M) Plan

A long-term OM&M plan is required to be included with every radon mitigation system installation.  This plan package is for the building owner or occupant and contains important information on how the radon mitigation system operates, how to maintain the system, and how to monitor it to make sure it continues to operate correctly. Below is a customizable word template and a ready to use fillable PDF. You are not required to use these documents, but whatever OM&M plan you leave for the homeowner, it needs to meet the requirements of the radon mitigation standard. 

Customizable word template

Ready to use fillable PDF

You can watch a 21 minute video going over the document which helps to explain what is in the plan and why.

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Workers Compensation

For information on workers compensation and if you need to provide it for your company, see Minnesota Employment and Economic Development.

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