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Training for Professionals
(Radon, Mold, and Carbon Monoxide)

The Indoor Air Unit is pleased to offer a number of classes on indoor air quality (IAQ) topics. All courses are offered free of charge and will be taught at a location organized by the host. Please note the type and number of continuing education credits (CE) offered are shown by the course title. Interested in scheduling a class? Contact the Indoor Air Unit at 651-201-4601.

CE real estate agents (1.5 hrs in person or 1 hr webinar)

This course provides an introduction to radon for real estate professionals. The learning objectives include: health concerns, how radon enters buildings, how to test for radon, how radon can be fixed, the new radon disclosure law and radon resistant new construction. It is a one and a half hour traditional classroom style lecture course. A one hour webinar version is also available. Opportunities for question and answer are provided throughout the course.

CE real estate agents (1 hr) and Builders (1 hr)

The course provides an introduction to indoor mold problems, a common concern in the indoor environment. Topics addressed include the causes of indoor mold growth, potential health effects from exposure to mold and ways to identify and solve mold problems in homes. The course is a 1-hour classroom lecture style course. Numerous opportunities for questions are provided during the class.

CE real estate agents (1 hr)

The course provides an introduction to carbon monoxide, a common indoor air problem in homes. Topics addressed include the causes of elevated indoor carbon monoxide, the associated health effects and ways that real estate professionals can help clients identify these problems during the purchasing process. The course is a 1-hour classroom lecture style course, and many opportunities for questions will be provided during the class.

CE family childcare providers (2 hrs, face-to-face or virtual learning, Develop approved)

This course explores three common indoor air quality issues in Minnesota homes: radon, mold and moisture, and carbon monoxide. In addition, the course also explores safe drinking water including the common contaminants found in Minnesota private well water. Learn how these issues can affect the health and wellbeing of children in home-based daycares and develop strategies to identify and reduce these hazards in your home. Gain the necessary knowledge and tools to deal with indoor air problems and drinking water quality issues. And learn how healthy indoor air and safe drinking water can create a healthy environment for child development and learning. The face-to-face course is a 2-hour classroom lecture style course with activities. The virtual 2-hour course can be found by going to the Develop homepage and for the course title put in “healthy homes” and do a search. It will come up as course title, “Healthy Homes for Child Care”.

CE can be arranged for public health nurses and sanitarians

This course is an overview of common healthy homes issues encountered by public health practitioners in the field. The training includes information about hazards such as lead, asbestos  radon, pests, injuries, drinking water, carbon monoxide, asthma triggers, chemicals and mold. Attendees will learn ways to identify these hazards and educate their clients with quality, science-based information to reduce risk and improve the environmental health of their home. The course is a 3-hour classroom lecture style course.

CE can be arranged for public health nurses and sanitarians

Questions and complaints about indoor mold are a daily occurrence for many public health workers. This workshop includes training on the basics of indoor mold as well as discussions of best practices for dealing with complaints and inquiries. Plenty of time will be available for questions and brainstorming ways to better address these issues in the future. The target audience are public health workers who respond to public health inquiries, health educators, and public health staff that conduct in-home. The workshop is a 2-hour classroom lecture style course and can be offered in conjunction with the Healthy Homes Overview course.

CE can be arranged for public health nurses and sanitarians

Would you like to learn more about radon? Attend a workshop with your colleagues to develop your expertise and find new ways to raise radon awareness. The agenda includes radon testing, mitigation, new construction, the new Minnesota Radon Licensing Act, the new radon data portal, radon education initiatives and how to partner with us on educational projects. We are inviting local public health agencies, non-profits, medical facilities, and others who are interested in radon education and outreach. This 3-hour workshop is intended for all levels of expertise, whether you’re a novice or expert on radon.

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