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Licensing Renewal 2020

On December 28, 2018, a Ramsey County District Court judge issued an order that temporarily prevents the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) from enforcing certain radon mitigation statutes and rules that were scheduled to become effective on January 1, 2019. Until the court issues further orders, MDH will not regulate or enforce certain statutes and rules that apply to radon mitigation professionals that conduct mitigation in residences. Other parts of the radon statutes and rules are not affected by the Court’s order. 

MDH is providing the following instructions to radon professionals about how to renew their license and to provide some clarification about the current situation. Please keep in mind that this guidance may change as the legal process continues.

How to apply for your 2020 license renewal

Current Licensed Measurement Professional

  • Apply for measurement license renewal

  • 8 hours of continuing education required
  • If you are adding non-residential mitigation services to your business, then apply for a new non-residential mitigation license

Current Licensed Mitigation Professional (residential only) - conducts testing

  • Apply for new measurement license or apply for mitigation license renewal and select non-residential services among your services offered
  • 8 hours of continuing education required

Current Licensed Mitigation Professionals (residential only) - does not conduct testing

  • Do not renew your license (wait for court order on requirements and then apply for license)
  • No continuing education required
  • If you’re adding non-residential mitigation service to your business, then apply for mitigation license renewal and select non-residential services among your services offered

Current Licensed Mitigation Professional (non-residential services)

  • Renew your mitigation license with non-residential services selected
  • 12 hours of continuing education required if you obtained license to conduct non-residential mitigation work; if not, then 8 hours of continuing education required

Current Licensed Mitigation Company

  • Renew if your company offers non-residential mitigation services and employs or sub-contracts one or more licensed mitigation professional
  • If your company only does residential mitigation, do not renew and wait for court order on requirements

Renewal applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to expiration of your current license. So if your license has an effective date of 1/1/19, then you need to apply by 11/30/19. You can apply up to 60 days prior to expiration.

Background Information

MDH cannot be certain about when the lawsuit will be resolved. Licensees and first time applicants should apply under the current circumstances rather than try to anticipate future licensing requirements. Currently, mitigation professionals and companies that only conduct residential mitigation are not required to have a mitigation license. The radon measurement aspects of the statute and rules remain unchanged. If you are conducting radon measurement in a building you do not own or lease, you need to have a radon professional license.

Once a court decision is reached, MDH will instruct licensees on how to proceed and whether they need to apply for a different license. If the injunction is lifted, we will provide instruction on when residential mitigation licenses and tags are required.

At this time, MDH can only issue mitigation licenses for non-residential work. 

  • If the injunction is lifted, the mitigation license should also allow residential mitigation
  • If the injunction on residential mitigation becomes permanent and you had obtained a mitigation license in 2020 for non-residential work, you will not be refunded the application fee

Whether refunds will be given for license fees will be decided after the court case is resolved.  Tag fees can be refunded at this time by contacting MDH. 

Again, please keep in mind the court order is a temporary injunction. MDH awaits further court orders, and will communicate new developments when possible.

Updated Wednesday, 13-Nov-2019 09:10:34 CST