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2011 "Church Lady" Law

Changes were made to Minnesota Statutes; Section 157.22, during the 2011 Legislative Session. The changes affect the following organizations in Minnesota:

  • faith-based organizations
  • school concession stands
  • fraternal, sportsman, and patriotic organizations
  • post disaster food service events

Guidance Documents

These documents provide the purpose, background, and intent of the changes that were made to the legislation during the 2011 legislative session.

Cooking Safely for a Crowd, October 18th Workshop

A "Cooking Safely for a Crowd Workshop," was provided by staff from the University of Minnesota Extension and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) on October 18, 2011. The workshop was intended for people who plan, prepare, or serve food at large group events.

Meeting Materials and Presentations:

Church Kitchen Manual

The sample church kitchen manual was requested by October 18 workshop participants and donated by the food safety team at a Minnesota church for free use by other organizations. The document is provided in Microsoft Word and in Adobe PDF formats so that users can tailor it for their own use. The Word document can be opened by Word 97-2003 and newer.


Individual volunteers or food safety teams may also self-train by following these steps:

  • Watch a DVD of the October 18 workshop. To order a DVD, contact
    PWDU at MDH ( or 651-201-4508).

  • Read this document before watching the video:
  • After watching the video, have a “book club” sort of discussion with your group. If you have a team member who works in a commercial kitchen – such as in a hospital, nursing home or restaurant – it may be helpful to have that person lead the discussion.

  • Keep a record of training dates and attendance, and refresh that training every three years, or when a new member is added to the team.
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