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Swab Team Services Grant

The application period for the Swab team services grant is closed as of October 4, 2019.

"Swab team services" are defined as activities that provide protection from lead hazards primarily through the use of interim controls. These grants are intended to train workers, provide lead screening, education, outreach, and swab team services for residential properties. Projects that provide AmeriCorps funding or positions, or leverage matching funds, as part of the delivery of the services will be given priority for the grant funds. In addition, proposed projects should address health equity.

The total amount of the grant funding for the entire grant period is up to $958,000, or $479,000 per year. The grant funds are dependent upon the availability of state lead funds approved by the legislature to MDH. Any awarding of final grant agreements as a result of this RFP process is subject to final approval by the Commissioner of Health.

Call 651-201-4919 or email health.bloodleadresults@state.mn.us if you have any questions regarding current Swab team grants. Questions about the RFP must be submitted by email to larry.w.olson@state.mn.us.

Swab Team Services Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) - (PDF)

Attachment A: Sample Grant Agreement (Word)

Attachment B: Scoring Criteria (PDF)

Attachment C: Grant Application Instructions (PDF)

Attachment D: Due diligence form (PDF)

Questions and Answers Regarding the Swab Team Services Grant RFP - (PDF)

Our grant recipients for the 2018-19 biennium:

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