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Rapid Inspection Support Center

The Rapid Inspection Support Center serves MDH delegated agencies with software license agreements for Rapid Inspection. Rapid Inspection 2019 (RI2019) is the latest update for this software and replaces Rapid Inspection 2007 (RI2007), version 10.0.2. The current version of RI2019 is version 11.0.1, updated 2/1/19, and is available for download with installation instructions below.
RI2019 includes the 2018 Minnesota food code standard orders and priority designations, along with the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) reporting form, updated for the new code. RI2019 also includes new sex trafficking prevention training standard orders for hotels and motels, as well as new guest registration standard orders for lodging establishments and campgrounds. Some features from RI2007, such as rules and regulations and the CFP form help text, have been removed in order to reduce future maintenance needs.

Note: It is recommended that you complete a database backup and print or save any standard order bookmarks you have created in RI2019 before updating to the latest version of the software. Due to changes to the food code and related software updates, RI2019 does not support importing of inspection data or inspection reports from RI2007.

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  • Rapid Inspection 2019 Download - Release date 2/1/2019, version 11.0.1
    • First time installation package
      1. Download the zip file using the link above.
      2. Extract the zip file into a temporary folder.
      3. Open the readme.txt.file and follow the instructions. The installation requires administrator rights.
      4. When the installation is finished the icon will be on the desktop.
      5. Proceed with the specific setup you have done with Rapid Inspection programs in the past.
  • Rapid Inspection Manual will be coming soon.

For license agreements and software inquiries, please contact:

MDH Food, Pools, and Lodging Services Section

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