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The Minnesota Well Management News newsletter has been suspended indefinitely due to MDH COVID-19 response efforts.

"Minnesota Well Management News" is a semi-annual newsletter published by the Well Management Section of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Minnesota Well Management News provides updates on statute and rule changes, well code interpretations, listings of continuing educational opportunities, and feature stories about wells, borings, and drilling contractors in the state of Minnesota. The target audience of the newsletter includes well and boring drilling contractors, state and local regulatory officials, and the public.

Current Issue

None at the present time.

Past Issues of the Minnesota Well Management News

Spring/Summer 2020 (PDF)

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hotlines and Websites
  • Well Management Section Operations During COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Well Management Section District Office Information
  • Legislative Update
  • Flooding and Wells
  • Permanent Sealing of Elevator Borings when Hydraulic Elevators are Taken Out of Service
  • Retirements in the Well Management Section
  • Obituaries
  • Order MDH Well Management Section Brochures to Share with Customers
  • Continuing Education
  • New Contractor Certifications

Fall 2018/Winter 2019 (PDF)

  • Minnesota Department of Health's Website Addresses Have Changed
  • One of Minnesota's Oldest Wells is Discovered by Accident
  • Update on PFAS (formerly known as PFCs) in Minnesota
  • Laboratory Map for Private Well Owners
  • Obituary
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Spring/Summer 2018 (PDF)

  • New Drinking Water Risk Communication Toolkit
  • Large Well Sealing Project at St. Paul Soccer Stadium Site
  • Late Submittal of Well Records and Water Sample Analysis Results
  • New Federal Tax Credit Reinstated for Geothermal Systems
  • New and Updated Brochures
  • Obituaries
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Older Issues of the Minnesota Well Management News

To request an older issue contact the Well Management Section at 651-201-4600 or 800-383-9808 or health.wells@state.mn.us.

Fall 2017/Winter 2018

  • Governor Dayton Appoints Jan Malcolm to Serve as Health Commissioner
  • Lost Municipal Wells in St. Anthony Village, Minnesota Found and Sealed
  • Safety Reminder - Call 811 Before you Drill or Excavate
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Well Management Section Employees
  • Well Management Section Retirements
  • Obituaries
  • New Contractor Certifications
  • New Well Management Section Operations Unit Supervisor Hired

Spring/Summer 2017

  • New Fee Schedule - Effective July 1, 2017
  • Legislative Updates to Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 103I
  • High Lead in Private, Shared Drinking Water System, Scandia, Minnesota
  • Gold Exploration in Northern Minnesota
  • Minnesota Department of Health has a New Logo!
  • Survey Reveals that One Third of Private Well Owners in Minnesota, with High Arsenic Levels in Their Well Water, Took no Action to Reduce Arsenic Exposure
  • Well Management Section Now Issuing "Corrective Orders" for Noncompliance
  • Well Construction and Well Sealing Totals in Minnesota
  • Vacancies Filled on Advisory Council on Wells and Borings
  • New Contractor Certifications
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Obituary

Fall 2016/Winter 2017

  • Proposed Changes to Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 103I
  • Ron Thompson, Well Management Section Supervisor, Retires
  • Clean Water Fund Private Well Sealing Grant Awards for 2017
  • County Geologic Atlas News
  • "Flowing" Artesian Wells in Minnesota
  • Obituaries
  • Continuing Education
  • New Contractor Certifications

Spring/Summer 2016

  • New Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibit Debuts in Minnesota
  • Polyethylene Water Supply Pipe Approved
  • Sewer Materials and the 20 Foot Setback to Wells
  • Bacteria Problem in Dakota County Church Well
  • Follow MDH on Social Media
  • New Federal PFC Advisory Levels
  • Obituaries
  • Kelly Jorgensen Retires
  • Advisory Council Appointments
  • Advisory Council Vacancies
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Fall 2015/Winter 2016

  • Introducing the Minnesota Well Index
  • How Long do Water-Supply Wells Last?
  • New Contractor Certifications
  • Minnesota Plumbing Code Revision
  • Landfill Groundwater Areas of Concern
  • Well Management Section Hires Kara Dennis
  • Keeping the Insects and Spiders Out
  • Obituaries
  • Mary Jo Connolly
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Clean Water Fund Well Sealing Grants

Spring/Summer 2015

  • Pioneers in Minnesota Well Management Spotted Recently
  • Boil Water Advisory at Blue Waters Mobile Home Park
  • Obstructed Wells - Difficult to Clear and Expensive to Seal
  • Well Drilling Rig Partially Swallowed by Sinkhole in Florida
  • Increased Problems Seen with Seasonal Use Wells and Wells Placed into Service before they are "Officially" Completed
  • Well Interference - New Law Regarding Sealing Affected Well
  • Mineral Exploration Borings
  • Mark Hoffman Retires
  • Obituary
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Alex Martell Joins Well Management Section
  • New Contractor Certifications
  • New Well Management Section Operations Unit Supervisor

Fall 2014/Winter 2015

  • Michael Convery Retires After 35 Years
  • The Minnesota Well Code in Effect for 40 Years
  • Bentonite Grout Observations
  • Clean Water Fund: ¬†Sealing Unused Drinking Water Wells
  • Contractors:¬† Take Pride in the Accuracy of Your Records
  • Well Sealing Saves a Life
  • Plan Ahead In Flowing Well Areas
  • “A Snapshot of Water Quality in Minnesota"
  • Minnesota Geological Survey Moves to New Location
  • Minnesota Geological Survey Working to Make Well Records Available Online
  • Roger Renner Serves 24 Years on Advisory Council
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Spring/Summer 2014

  • Update on Bored Geothermal Heat Exchanger Rulemaking
  • Minnesota Private Well Protection Study Arsenic in New Private Wells
  • Chuck Howe Serves 22 Years on Advisory Council
  • Manganese in Drinking Water
  • Advisory Council on Wells and Borings Upcoming Vacancies
  • Smart Phone Tools and Apps
  • Business Continuity Planning for the Future of Your Contractor License or Registration
  • Licenses and Registrations will Expire Soon . . . Contractors are Reminded to Send in Well Records and Lab Reports to Minnesota Department of Health
  • Obituaries
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Fall 2013/Winter 2014

  • New "YouTube" Well Sealing Video
  • Arsenic Data Portal
  • New Hydrologist Bemidji District Office
  • Rulemaking Bored Geothermal Heat Exchangers
  • Nitrate in Groundwater and its Health Concerns
  • DNR Floodplain Web Portal
  • Pitless Unit, Pitless Adapter, and Water Service Line Bury Depths
  • New Contractor Certifications
  • DNR Groundwater Management Area
  • DNR Appropriation Permits May Require Additional Well or Boring
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Obituaries
  • MDH Spring District Continuing Education Meetings

Spring/Summer 2013

  • 2013 Legislative Session was Active for the Well Management Section
  • Persistent Bentonite Grout Issues
  • New Health Guideline For Trichloroethylene (TCE) in Drinking Water
  • Lead in Drinking Water
  • Federal Law Regarding Lead in Pipes and Water System Components
  • Water Samples from New Wells: Handling and Transit Requirements
  • Attention Well Contractors! Send in Well and Boring Construction and Sealing Records and Lab Reports on Time
  • Grants for Sealing Unused Public Water-Supply Wells
  • Obituaries
  • Case of the Inaccessible Well and Determined Tow Truck
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Fall 2012/Winter 2013

  • Funding Provided for Flood Impacted Wells
  • Grants Available for Sealing Public Water-Supply Wells
  • Changing Landscape in Farm Country Affects Well Industry
  • Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Geological Survey Will Accept Old Well Records
  • Hydraulic Perforating Tools
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Obituaries
  • New Contractor Certifications

Spring/Summer 2012

  • State of Emergency Declared for Minnesota Flooding
  • Betty McCollum Receives Groundwater Award
  • 2012 Legislation
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Continuing Education Videoconference - December 6, 2012
  • Grout Settlement
  • MDH Establishes Risk Assessment Advice for Manganese
  • Disturbing the Grout Seal on a Previously Sealed Well
  • 2012 Appointments to Advisory Council on Wells and Borings
  • Summary of March 7, 2012, Advisory Council Meeting
  • Update on "Well Drilling - A Dangerous Industry"
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Fall 2011/Winter 2012

  • 2012 License Renewals
  • Fluoride in Minnesota Groundwater: Benefits and Concerns
  • Well Drilling - A Dangerous Industry
  • Vacancies on the Advisory Council on Wells and Borings
  • Minnesota Department of Health Receives Funds for Well Sealing from the Legacy Amendment
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractor Certifications

Spring/Summer 2011

  • New Fee Schedule - Effective July 21, 2011
  • New Rules Handbook Available
  • Dan Wilson Retires from Minnesota Department of Health
  • Chris Elvrum is Appointed Manager of the Well Management Section
  • State Government Shutdown
  • 87th Legislature Update
  • 2011 Continuing Education Summary
  • PCB-Filled Capacitors in Submersible Pumps Still a Problem
  • "Dormant Status" for Elevators Removed from Service
  • Failure to Comply with Public Water-Supply Well Plan Review and Site Approval
  • Dangers of Abandoned Mine Shafts
  • Additional Requirements for Constructing Community Wells
  • Changes to Requirements for Joining Well Screen to PVC Well Casing
  • Appointments to Advisory Council on Wells and Borings
  • Obituaries
  • New Contractor Certifications
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Continuing Education Videoconference is Planned for December 8, 2011

Fall 2010/Winter 2011

  • Flowing Well and Boring Special Construction Areas Now on Well Management Section Web Site
  • 2011 License Renewals
  • Local Regulation of Wells - Updated Information
  • David Traut Completes Service on Advisory Council
  • Lost Municipal Well that Caused Waterborne Disease Outbreak in the 1920s is Found in Hastings, Minnesota
  • New Member Appointed to Advisory Council on Wells and Borings
  • Advisory Council on Wells and Borings Upcoming Vacancies
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • September Flooding in Southern Minnesota
  • News Stories on Arsenic in Western Metro Drinking Water
  • Plumbing and Well Work
  • Obituaries
  • New Contractor Certifications
  • Continuing Education Calendar

Spring/Summer 2010 (Revised)

  • Well Management Section Continuing Education Videoconference - December 15, 2010
  • Alternative Water Well Rehabilitation
  • Loan and Forgivable Loan Programs for Well Construction
  • Professor Hans-Olaf Pfannkuch Retires from the University of Minnesota
  • Mechanical Perforator Failures
  • Tim Thurnblad Serves 19 Years on Advisory Council
  • Heat Transfer Fluids for Vertical Heat Exchangers
  • Minnesota Geothermal Heat Pump Association
  • Getting the Right Sand for Your Thermally enhanced Grout
  • Well Setbacks and the Abandonment of Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems
  • Follow -Up to "Well Contractor has Near Miss with Buried Electric Wires"
  • Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Well Cost Share
  • Local Regulation of Wells
  • Obituaries
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractors

Fall 2009/Winter 2010

  • Geologic Atlas Maps Being Developed for Anoka, Wright, Renville, and Clay Counties
  • Arsenic Occurrence in Minnesota Wells
  • e-Well Disclosure Certificate Now Available from the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Vertical Heat Loop Construction in Bedrock Without Surface Casing: Risky
  • Enforcement Update
  • Near Miss with Buried Electric Wires
  • Obituaries
  • Continuing Education
  • New Contractors
  • Sewer and Sewage Sump Testing

Spring/Summer 2009

  • New Rule Changes for Well Caps/Covers
  • Geothermal Heat Exchangers
  • Approved Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Vertical Heat Exchanger Setbacks
  • Summary of Spring District CEU Meetings
  • Management of Drilling Wastewater and Cuttings
  • License Requirements for Working on Community Public Water-Supply Wells
  • South Central Groundwater Monitoring and County Geologic Atlases
  • OSHA Rules Regarding Electric Wire Setbacks
  • Well Sealing Cost Share Availability
  • The Importance of Sealing Wells
  • Red River Valley Flooding in 2009
  • Unlicensed Person Doing Pump Work
  • Obituaries
  • New Contractors
  • Continuing Education
  • Restricted Plumbing License Application Period Re-Opens

Fall 2008/Winter 2009

  • Verbal Notification Required Before Beginning Construction of a Public Water-Supply Well
  • Vertical Heat Loop (Geothermal) Business Soars in 2008
  • Problems Observed with Bentonite Grout
  • Continuing Education Requirement Changes
  • Ask Basic Questions before Drilling New Well
  • Large Diameter Well Sealed in Wadena, MN
  • Plumbing and Well Work
  • Court Injunction Issued Against Unlicensed Person
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Minimizing Exposure to Arsenic in Drinking Water
  • Obituaries
  • New Contractors

Spring/Summer 2008

  • New Well Management Fee Schedule - Effective July 1, 2008
  • Proposed Amendments to the "Rules Relating to Wells and Borings" Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4725
  • Continuing Education and 2009 License Renewal Changes to Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4725
  • New Contractors
  • Well Construction and Sealing Statistics 2007
  • Mineral Exploration in Minnesota
  • Restricted Plumbing Licenses
  • City of New Munich Seals Old, Large Diameter Brewery Well
  • Case Study of a Salt Contaminated Well
  • Old Oil Exploration Borings Sealed in Denmark Township, Washington County
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • Earwigs in Your Well?
  • Appointments to Advisory Council on Wells and Borings
  • Enforcement Summary
  • Definition of Exploratory Boring Revised
  • Testing New Water-Supply Wells for Arsenic
  • Obituaries
  • Cost Share and Loan Availability for Well Construction, Repair, and Sealing

Fall 2007/Winter 2008

  • Proposed Amendments to the Rules Relating to Wells and Boring Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4725
  • 2008 License Renewals
  • Southeastern Minnesota Flash Floods, Summer 2007
  • Chisago County Geologic Atlas
  • Study of Point-of-Use Treatment Devices for Removal of Perfluorochemicals
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Issues Final Report of Well Sealing on State Land
  • Enforcement Update
  • Obituaries
  • Continuing Education Calendar
  • New Contractors
  • Donkey Rescued from Well Pit

Spring/Summer 2007

  • New Special Well Construction Areas
  • MN Legislature Passes New Laws
  • Statewide Plumbing License Required
  • Drilling Rigs/Hoists Exempt from New Crane Law
  • New Appointees to Advisory Council
  • Sewer Testing
  • Well Construction and Sealing Statistics for 2006
  • Proposed Arsenic Sampling Requirements
  • Donkey Rescued from Wisconsin Well
  • Spring District Meeting Summary
  • Enforcement Update
  • Improper Well Construction Practices
  • Drainfield Installed Too Close to Well
  • Cost Share and Loan Availability

Fall 2006/Winter 2007

  • New Well Disinfection Fact Sheet
  • New Special Well Construction Area Beltrami County
  • NGWA Recognizes Minnesota's Well Sealing Efforts
  • City of Minneapolis Delegated Well Program Increases Fees
  • State Park Well Gets "Flushed"
  • Unsealed, Abandoned Well Causes Bacteria Problems
  • Plumber From Wisconsin Improperly Seals Water Well in Minnesota
  • Five Year-Old Boy Rescued from Well in Northern India
  • New Contractors
  • Advisory Council on Wells and Borings: Upcoming Vacancies
  • Obituaries
  • Continuing Education Calendar

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