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Advancing Health Equity 2016 Request for Proposals

April 2016

The Minnesota Department of Health is seeking proposals from a non-profit agency (or group of non-profit agencies working as a consortium) to develop and implement an innovative, measurable process which engages communities experiencing health inequities to:

  • Conduct an assessment of a specified health inequity that will identify the structural inequities that have contributed to the resulting poor health outcomes
  • Identify the relationships between the health inequity and the structural inequities
  • Identify policy and systems changes needed to address one of the identified structural inequities
  • Develop an Advancing Health Equity plan to address the health inequity and the associated structural inequity
  • Implement the plan and identify measurable outcomes

Grantees must include individual and organization partners from the community experiencing the identified health inequity in all aspects of the proposal, including planning, project implementation, and evaluation. The grantee and partners must also engage with other relevant system, government and community stakeholders to identify necessary policy and system changes that can contribute to the elimination of the health inequity being addressed by the project.

Policy and systems changes out of the scope of this grant and the Advancing Health Equity Plan include:

  • Development of new direct services
  • Identification of new ways to seek reimbursement for existing services
  • Addressing access to health care

Important Deadlines:
Intent to Apply Form Due (REQUIRED): April 26, 2016
Applications Due: May 16, 2016
Grant Awards Announced: June 1, 2016
Contracts Signed and Projects Begin: June 14, 2016

Advancing Health Equity 2016 Request for Proposals (PDF)

Advancing Health Equity 2016 Application (Word)

Advancing Health Equity 2016 RFP Questions and Answers

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