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What's new in Local Public Health annual reporting?

MDH uses the Local Public Health Act annual reporting email list to send the updates below to local public health staff who participate in annual reporting, to share reporting instructions, system updates, and related information. CHS administrators will continue to receive formal communication on annual reporting via the CHS-PHN email list.

If you have other questions regarding LPH Act annual reporting or REDCap, please contact us. MDH does not sell or distribute email addresses.


Local Public Health Act Annual Reporting is now open

15 February 2019

Local Public Health Act Annual Reporting is now open, through March 31, 2019. During LPH Act Annual Reporting, Minnesota’s 51 community health boards report on finances, staffing, and performance measures, and (new this year) update their contact information. Read on to learn how to enter data, what data you need to enter, how to get help, and more.

How to enter data

1. Use the instructions and guidance to gather your data

You can find instructions and guidance for each of three modules, or projects, online:

Along with your agency’s leadership, review these instructions and guidance prior to entering data in REDCap

2. Enter your data in REDCap

You may receive a few emails from REDCap, the data entry system—one email for each of the modules for which your agency’s leaders have requested that you enter data. The message will look something like this:

Subject line: REDCap project access granted

[This message was automatically generated by REDCap]

You have been given access to the REDCap project named "2018 Local Public Health Act Finance and Staffing". Using your user name "abcd123", you may log in to the project using the link below.


After you’ve reviewed the instructions and guidance for each module/project, log into REDCap and enter your data for each project/module by March 31, 2019.

3. Validate your data

Once you and your staff have finished entering data into REDCap and the CHS administrator has verified everything is correct, the CHS administrator should complete the two validation forms—one for finance/staffing, and one for performance measures (there is no validation form for contact information). CHS administrators can find more details on validation in each module’s guidance/instructions.

Help with REDCap

If you have trouble accessing REDCap or entering data into REDCap, start here for assistance: Help with REDCap for LPH Act Annual Reporting.

Related projects

You may also be reporting on the following subjects during this time:

Help and questions

If you have questions about LPH Act Annual Reporting, try starting with the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you’re still stuck, please either contact us or contact your public health nurse consultant. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or for assistance.

Thank you

Thank you for your time and effort. Your work helps us, together, monitor the health of Minnesota’s public health system.


Local Public Health Act annual reporting timeline and guidance

17 December 2018

Local Public Health Act Annual Reporting will open in mid-February; during that time, community health boards report on expenditures, staffing, and LPH Act performance measures. Read on for a timeline and action items.

What is Local Public Health Act annual reporting?

Each year, Minnesota community health boards report data on programs, activities, and resources, to help monitor the health of the state-local public health partnership. When LPH Act Annual Reporting is open, MDH asks your community health board to report on Local Public Health Act performance measures, finance/expenditures, and staffing/workforce information.

Community health boards no longer report on proposed LPH Act budgets for the upcoming year.

After using instructions (forthcoming; see timeline below) to gather information on performance measures, finance, and workforce, community health boards enter data on these subjects using REDCap, a data entry system.

2018-2019 Local Public Health Act annual reporting timeline

  • January 2019: MDH will release instructions for reporting on performance measures, finance information, and staffing information; community health board staff should use these instructions to get data ready for entry into the REDCap data entry system
  • January 2019: Community health boards send names, to MDH, of staff needing access to REDCap
  • February 2019: Local Public Health Act Annual Reporting opens and staff with access can enter data into REDCap
  • March 31, 2019: Local Public Health Act Annual Reporting closes
  • March 31, 2019: The 2018 Performance-Related Accountability Requirement is due to MDH
  • Summer 2019: MDH sends a summary of community health board data to CHS administrators, and releases a system-wide summary of LPH Act performance measures online
  • Fall 2019: MDH releases a system-wide summary of finance and staffing data online

What you need to do

CHS administrators will gather the names of staff who need access to enter LPH Act Annual Reporting data into the REDCap reporting system.

Questions and help

If you have questions about Local Public Health Act Annual Reporting, please contact either: Becky Buhler or your MDH public health nurse consultant.

You can also find the latest information on LPH Act Annual Reporting on the MDH website, including the timeline above, instructions when they’re available, troubleshooting REDCap, and more.


Annual reporting update

5 January 2018

New in 2018: Report finance, staffing, and Title V MCH Block Grant in REDCap

For the last few years, you’ve reported Local Public Health Act (LPH Act) performance measures in REDCap. In 2018, MDH has expanded reporting in REDCap to include finance, staffing, and Title V MCH Block Grant. Community health boards will no longer use PPMRS to report finance, staffing, or Title V MCH Block Grant.

In early February, MDH will release guidance specific to finance, staffing, and Title V MCH Block Grant, as well as the usual guidance for LPH Act performance measures.

Webinars: Learn more about reporting in REDCap

MDH is hosting two identical webinars for you to learn more about reporting finance, staffing, and Title V MCH Block Grant in REDCap. Please save the date or register for a webinar if you participate in reporting on any of these modules.

  • Tuesday, February 6, 2018: 10:30 AM to 12:00 noon
  • Thursday, February 8, 2018: 2:00 to 3:30 PM

Learn more and register: Using REDCap to Report Finance, Staffing, and Title V MCH Block Grant

Reporting guidance

MDH will publish guidance for the following modules in early February:

  • Finance
  • Staffing
  • Title V MCH Block Grant
  • LPH Act Performance Measures


If you have questions about annual reporting, please contact us.


2018 budget reporting

16 November 2017

In the past, community health boards have submitted an overall community health board budget and Title V MCH Block Grant budget through PPMRS by December 31st for the following year.

  • This year community health boards will NOT BE REQUIRED to submit a comprehensive budget for all community health board expenditures.
  • Community health boards will not be asked to complete the three budget forms in PPMRS.

CHS administrators will receive additional information about submitting their Title V MCH Block Grant 2018 budget and work plan from Janet Olstad, MDH Community & Family Health Division.


Expenditure and statistical reporting moving to REDCap

16 November 2017

Each year during February-March, community health boards report on the previous year’s expenditures and staffing in PPMRS. This coming year, community health boards will be reporting their 2017 Financial/Expenditure and Staffing/Statistical information (including that for the Title V MCH Block Grant) using the REDCap reporting system, rather than PPMRS.

Community health boards already report of their annual performance measures in REDCap and we hope that moving this remaining information from PPMRS to REDCap will simplify reporting.

Community health boards will be reporting the same financial and statistical data as in past years (the sample forms from last year are located at: Finance: Sample Forms and Staffing: Sample Forms). Community health boards will not be asked to collect or report any new information. Web-based training will be provided in early 2018 with guidance for reporting in REDCap.

FYI: CHS administrators are still responsible for maintaining the information in the PPMRS contact database for community health boards.