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Racial equity assessment toolkit

City of St. Paul

This presentation provides training on the use of a racial equity assessment tool for analyzing the the impact of policies, procedures, services, and budget decisions on populations of color:
St. Paul racial equity toolkit training (PPT)
Racial equity assessment – sample (PDF)
Racial equity assessment (DOC)

The City of St. Paul developed a racial equity assessment to help reach the goal of racial equity in city operations and services. This two-hour training includes PowerPoint slides along with the racial equity assessment tool. The slides follow the toolkit steps. There is time in the training set aside for teams to practice using the assessment tool on a specific policy, procedure, or decision of importance to them.


When to use

Use the assessment as a way to examine the impact of current or future procedures, policies, services, programs, or budget decisions on populations of color in a jurisdiction. The questions are meant to help an organization understand how programs, policies, and decisions align with an organization's racial equity goals and outcomes.


Things to consider

The authors recommend that the assessment should be completed by groups of people with different perspectives and backgrounds.

This assessment and training was developed specifically for the City of St. Paul, but could be adapted for other organizations.


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