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February 2019
Using REDCap to Report Finance and Staffing for the Local Public Health Act (10:59)

This webinar provides community health boards with information about the REDCap reporting system, including how to successfully enter finance, staffing, and Title V MCH Block Grant.
tag(s): annual reporting

June 2018
Data Resources 101

This webinar acquaints local public health with some of the data resources available on the MDH website, and connects local public health with staff at MDH who can provide assistance with data.
tag(s): assessment and planning

September 2017
Approaches to Vaccine Hesitancy
This webinar describes the nature of vaccine hesitancy, discusses the approaches you can use to address vaccine hesitancy, and reviews reliable resources.
tag(s): medical consultants

April 2017
Orientation to the Minnesota Local Public Health System

Local elected officials are invited to participate in a discussion about the Minnesota public health system and their role as local elected officials. Commissioner of Health Ed Ehlinger and SCHSAC Chair Doug Huebsch (Otter Tail County Commissioner) will lead this interactive video conference. MDH will announce additional speakers in the future.
tag(s): staff/elected officials

November 2016
Public Health Practice Trainings
1. Overview of Minnesota Public Health System (33:26)
2. Overview of History of Public Health Nursing in Minnesota (53:00)
tag(s): staff/elected officials

October 2016
Ethics and decision-making in public health

Public health ethics is an evolving practice, and is also contained in the Public Health Accreditation Board Standards and Measures. This introduction to public health ethics is suitable for an ethics committee or an entire public health department.  This webinar covers material from a public health ethics training hosted by Dakota County Public Health and presented by an epidemiologist and public health ethicist.
tag(s): staff/elected officials

June 2016
2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirements
This set of webinars covers the expectations and submission process for the 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirement, the relationship between performance management and monitoring/revising your CHIP, and resources to support the monitoring/revising process.
tag(s): assessment and planning | QI/performance management

June 2016
Introduction to Performance Management (31:51)
This webinar will teach participants to summarize the components of performance management, identify examples of performance management components, and apply performance management to a public health service, program, or process.
tag(s): QI/performance management

January 2016
Writing Good Goals and SMART Objectives (31:15)
This webinar is intended to aid local public health departments in writing goals and objectives for the Local Public Health Assessment and Planning cycle deliverables.
tag(s): assessment and planning | QI/performance management

June 2015
Records Retention Series
These webinars are part of a series for local public health staff to become familiar with the basics of records management, retention schedules, and proper destruction of records:
1. Records and Information Management (17:35)
2. Records Retention Schedule (18:20)
3. Preserving and Disposing of Government Records (19:57)
4. Essential Records (18:30)
tag(s): staff/elected officials

November 2014
Using Data to Tell Your Story (slides only)
Presenters from local public health agencies will discuss how they decided what to report in 2014, what they've done with their 2014 community health board-specific reports, how the data was received, with whom it was shared, and lessons learned.
tag(s): annual reporting | assessment and planning

December 2013
Quality Improvement Plans: A How-To Guide (41:49)
What is a QI plan? Why is it important? Learn the answer to these questions and more from this presentation.
tag(s): QI/performance management | assessment and planning

November 2013
Data In, Data Out. Now What? (slides only)
MDH staff convened a discussion focused on how local public health administrators have used the community health board reports with key audiences so far and how others can prepare to use the reports in the future.
tag(s): annual reporting | assessment and planning

For training materials used prior to 2013, please contact the MDH Center for Public Health Practice.