Executive Committee (SCHSAC) - Minnesota Dept. of Health

SCHSAC Executive Committee

The SCHSAC Executive Committee:

  • Assists MDH in preparing issues for discussion by SCHSAC and conducts interim SCHSAC business
  • Assists SCHSAC in managing its business efficiently
  • Under special circumstances, acts in the name of SCHSAC (subject to formal approval by SCHSAC at its next meeting
  • Prepares the annual SCHSAC work plan
  • Examines ways to increase the capacity of SCHSAC

The Executive Committee briefly meets prior to the full SCHSAC meetings to make final changes to the agenda and to discuss related issues. Additional meetings are scheduled throughout the year, as needed.

The SCHSAC Executive Committee consists of representatives from each SCHSAC region. Each region also has an alternate to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets five to eight times per year.

Download: SCHSAC Executive Committee membership (PDF)
Meetings: SCHSAC Meetings & Materials