Ukrainians Arriving in Minnesota - Minnesota Department of Health

Ukrainians Arriving in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health Refugee Health Program will assist Ukrainian newcomers and their sponsors with navigating health resources and coordinating the health examination for the newcomers.

Health screening and immunizations

Tuberculosis screening


All Ukrainian newcomers should get their immunizations, including their follow-up COVID-19, if eligible. To get their immunizations right away, visit where to get vaccinated to find for free or low cost vaccines. Otherwise, newcomers can get their immunizations during their health examination.

Comprehensive refugee/parolee health examination

We highly recommend that all new humanitarian parolees get a health examination within 90 days (3 months) of arrival to test for and treat illnesses of concern, update immunizations, and help address any other health needs. This health examination is to help arrivals be as healthy as they can be, and it has NO effect on immigration status. Our Minnesota Refugee Health Program and partners are available to coordinate the health examination for the newcomers. Sponsors or service coordinators can email to start the referral process (do not email private information via email). You can also visit Minnesota Domestic Refugee Health Screening Guidance for more information.

Health insurance and benefits

Humanitarian parolees are eligible for the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement's Refugee Benefits and should apply for health insurance, cash or food assistance, at the local county social services office or MNsure (health insurance). If the person or family you are helping does not qualify for insurance, they may be able to receive a free health screening with assistance from the Minnesota Department of Health Refugee Health Program.

Those who are on Temporary Protected Status do not qualify for ORR Refugee Benefits. Women who are pregnant and children 18 years and under qualify for Medicaid and should apply for health insurance at the local county social services office.

Resources for newcomers and sponsors

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