Asthma Friendly Schools Mini-Grant - Project A: Health Office Data

Asthma Friendly Schools Mini-Grant Program

A: Health Office Asthma Data

Schools/districts will develop a system to monitor attendance rates among students who have asthma. Schools/districts that do not already have asthma entered as a health condition in the school data management system may apply for A-1. Schools/districts that already have included asthma in their data management system can apply for A-2. Funds may also be used to pay for IT assistance (either official IT staff or IT-savvy staff) to complete the project.

  1. Develop or improve a process for identifying students with asthma (i.e., case-finding) and enter asthma as a health condition in the school health office’s data management system.

  2. Create a report in the data management system that calculates attendance rates for students with and without asthma.

Project Resources

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