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CDC's new COVID-19 by County community level recommendations do not apply in health care settings, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Instead, health care settings should continue to use CDC's COVID Data Tracker community transmission rates and continue to follow CDC and MDH's infection prevention and control recommendations for health care settings.

Uploading Lab Results to MDH RePortal

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Introduction to MDH RePortal
Register to create an account
How to submit COVID-19 test results
Specific data fields
Checklist for using MDH RePortal
Errors and warnings
Pending and past submissions
Correct a spreadsheet
Training materials

Introduction to MDH RePortal

MDH RePortal is a secure way to submit COVID-19 test results using a spreadsheet. MDH RePortal reviews test results while a spreadsheet is uploading and identifies any errors or warnings before you submit the file. Partner organizations must correct errors before they are able to complete a file submission, which decreases inaccurate reporting.

Reporting of laboratory results is required by the facility conducting the test, which is often a laboratory, but can also be a clinic or non-health care site. COVID-19 results that must be reported can be found at COVID-19 Test Reporting Requirements and vary by test site and test type.

Note: Even when a test result report is not required, Minnesota law may still require organizations that learn of a positive result to submit a case report. The MDH RePortal system is for COVID-19 test result reports only. Refer to Reporting COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Infections for more information.

Key features of MDH RePortal:

  • Secure, password-protected access for submitting test results.
  • Instant feedback on missing or incomplete data that can be corrected before submitting.
  • Access to past reports and information.

Register to create an account

MDH RePortal users must register for an account to securely submit reports for their organization. Register for MDH RePortal on the Welcome to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) RePortal self-registration site. Click on the “Begin User Registration” button.

An email confirmation is sent to you when your account is approved, asking you to set a password. Follow the prompts to set a login password for MDH RePortal. Please note, you will need to reset your password every 90 days.

Send questions about MDH RePortal accounts to health.ElectronicDiseaseReporting@state.mn.us.

MDH recommends each person submitting lab reports create their own MDH RePortal account.

No, the email you use to register is your username to log into MDH RePortal. Only one account may be created per email address.

Each person planning to submit COVID-19 laboratory reports for an organization should have their own MDH RePortal account.

  1. Go to MDH RePortal.
  2. Select "Forgot Password?" (located just below the sign in button).
  3. Enter your email in the username field (this is the email address you used to register for RePortal).
  4. Select "Send Password Reset Email."
  5. A new email should be sent to you within a few minutes. The email will be sent from noreply+reportal@health.state.mn.us. Click on "please click here to reset your password" or copy and paste the URL into your browser from the new email you received.
    • This link expires within 24 hours after you receive it. If this happens, you will need to start over at step 2.
    • If you can’t find the email, please check your spam folder.
  6. Enter a password in “New Password” and “please re-enter password.”
    • Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, but no more than 16.
    • Contain three of the following: an uppercase letter, a lower-case letter, number, or special character.
    • Cannot contain a year.
    • Cannot be a dictionary word.
  7. Select "Submit."
  8. When the password reset is successful, go back to MDH RePortal.
    • Enter in your email address in the username field.
    • Enter in your new password in the password field.
  9. Select "Sign In."

You may submit reports for more than one organization. MDH RePortal accounts must contain a unique email address, which may be registered to only one organization.

Please note that if you are submitting on behalf of more than one organization, any other user that is registered to the same organization has the ability to see the files you submitted under that organization's account. In other words, people submitting test results for multiple locations must be careful not to submit test results for Facility A when logged into Facility B, to maintain the privacy of individually identifiable test information. Further, if you report for multiple sites that fall under one organization, you should not submit reports in a manner that allows other sites to see the information unless each site is entitled to access data on other sites under applicable law and organizational policy.

How to submit COVID-19 test results

MDH RePortal requires users to upload and submit test results via spreadsheet. Follow How to Report COVID-19 Test Results Using a Spreadsheet (PDF) for detailed instructions on reporting using the spreadsheet.

COVID-19 test results spreadsheets:

Apart from the general spreadsheet, all of the above spreadsheets have pre-populated information (such as test codes) that you should not change. If you use a COVID-19 test that does not have a specific MDH spreadsheet template, go to CDC: LOINC In Vitro Diagnostic (LIVD) Test Code Mapping for SARS-CoV-2 Tests, open the Excel spreadsheet titled LIVD SARS-CoV-2 Test Codes.xlsx to look up test codes, and follow the instructions in How to Report COVID-19 Test Results Using a Spreadsheet (PDF).

If your organization collects COVID-19 test results in a different format or a way that is not compatible with MDH spreadsheets, contact health.ElectronicDiseaseReporting@state.mn.us.

Uploading is when you choose a file to bring into MDH RePortal. Before you submit a spreadsheet, you upload it. When you upload a spreadsheet, it checks your data to see if it is ready to be submitted to MDH.

You may submit a spreadsheet after RePortal reviews your data, no errors are found, and you have reviewed any warning messages. A spreadsheet must be submitted for MDH to process the lab report and be considered complete.

Yes, you may check submissions by clicking the "previous submissions" button on the homepage. Files you have submitted are listed by name. The status of each file and the date it was created is listed next to the file name. The status may say complete, in review, or canceled. This is your confirmation; you will not receive email notification.

Facilities operating under any CLIA certification or certificate of waiver must report within 24 hours after receiving the test result. MDH has additional information at COVID-19 Test Reporting Requirements.

If you submit a spreadsheet that includes dates more than one week old, you receive a warning to check the dates. If the dates are correct, submit the report. Refer to errors and warnings.

Beginning April 4, 2022, reporting of negative or not detected results to MDH changes based on (1) the type of COVID-19 test and (2) the organization's Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification type. Please review guidance on COVID-19 Test Reporting Requirements on what is required to be reported.

Continue to report all reportable results within 24 hours after receiving the test results.

The MDH RePortal system is for COVID-19 testing conducted on-site by an organization that is not set up to report through other mechanisms, such as the National Healthcare Safety Network or Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR). MDH allows only COVID-19 test results to be reported through MDH RePortal if you cannot report using previously stated means. To report other conditions, review the guidance on Infectious Disease Reporting.

Yes, you may submit COVID-19 variant sequencing test results to MDH RePortal. Use the general spreadsheet and place your results in the appropriate result(s) column depending on if you are utilizing result codes with variant sequencing results or if no result codes are used, please leave the result code column blank, but place the variant sequencing results in the result description.

As of April 4, 2022, facilities are required to report only positive/detected antigen testing within 24 hours after receiving the test result. This can be done using MDH RePortal. Self-administered home use tests are not reportable to MDH (not including self-collected specimens where the test is performed at a laboratory). For more information on self-administered home use tests, refer to COVID-19 Self-Testing.

If your facility sends test samples to an external laboratory to process results, those results are reported by that external laboratory. However, if your facility is aware of results that come back positive, your facility is still required to report these findings through a case report form, following the instructions on Reporting COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Infections. Case reporting cannot be submitted through MDH RePortal.

MDH RePortal accepts both types of files. It also accepts ".xls." It does not accept the ".txt" format.

Specific data fields

When results are positive and reported without required information, MDH must follow up with the ordering facility or provider, which slows down the ability to follow up with the patient. Accordingly, entities that are required to report should make every reasonable effort to collect all necessary information. MDH does not share individually identifiable patient information without patient consent or specific legal authorization. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) also requires MDH to share de-identified patient demographic data with CDC.

Address data

  • List the local address at the time of reporting; temporary addresses are acceptable.
  • If the person does not provide you with address information, or it is a challenge to determine, you may submit the report without it.
  • Even if an exaxt address is not available, city or county address information is still helpful in deduplicating patient records.

Checklist for using MDH RePortal

To reduce errors and warnings, please review the following before uploading and submitting your COVID-19 test results spreadsheet:

  • Check that the spreadsheet used is for the appropriate test and report.
  • Review the columns in the spreadsheet and check that all 56 columns are showing.
  • Ensure all required fields are complete.
  • Check that the dates throughout the spreadsheet are updated and reflect the test results being submitted.
  • Ensure the spreadsheet tab with the test results is the first tab identified in the bottom left of your file or is listed in the first position.
  • Ensure there is only one Microsoft Excel tab with test data. For example, do NOT have a tab for residents and a second tab for staff. All data reported should be on the first tab.

Errors and warnings

After you upload your spreadsheet, you are taken to a page to "Review and submit spreadsheet." This page identifies total records, skipped records, clean records, and records with errors. If your spreadsheet has errors and/or warnings, the rows and the corresponding error or warning message are identified on this page. You cannot submit spreadsheets with errors. The resources under Training materials provide more information.


  • Required data is missing or incomplete from your spreadsheet.
  • You must correct errors before you are able to submit your spreadsheet.
  • Errors are hard stops until they are corrected.
  • RePortal shows only the first 50 errors in the spreadsheet.


  • Fields are missing data, or the data provided are recognized by MDH RePortal as potentially inaccurate.
  • You receive a warning to double-check these fields.
  • If data is available, it must be sent, and you are given the chance to provide it in the submission process.
  • If the data is unavailable or does not apply, you may leave the field blank.
  • Warnings are a reminder to proceed with caution; you may submit a report after looking at warning messages.
  • RePortal shows only the first 25 warnings in the spreadsheet.

You may look for additional errors and warnings when you open the spreadsheet to address identified errors and warnings. If the spreadsheet you are submitting has more errors and warnings that are not fixed, they will be identified when you re-upload your file.

Pending and past submissions

You may review lab reports submitted by other people from your organization, provided the accounts are registered under the same organization. Contact health.ElectronicDiseaseReporting@state.mn.us to add or remove people from your organization registration in MDH RePortal.

Review past uploads

  • Select "previous submissions" on the home screen.
  • Files you have submitted are listed by name.
  • The status of each file and the date it was created are listed next to the file name.

Access canceled submissions

  • Select "previous submissions" on the home screen.
  • Select the view icon on the canceled file.
  • Download the canceled file by selecting the hyperlink under "original spreadsheet."
  • Canceled spreadsheets have not been successfully submitted to MDH.

Correct a spreadsheet

You may need to correct a spreadsheet if you realize you submitted a file to MDH with incorrect data (e.g., the wrong test result).

If you need to update/correct spreadsheet data after the file submission is successful:

  • Submit a new spreadsheet for the patient(s) that contains data only in the rows that need to be revised.
  • Select the "please mark this checkbox if the file you are uploading contains revised/updated results from a previous submission…" found on the Upload Lab File page.

If you update or change data that was incorrect when you submitted the test results:

  • Select "please mark this checkbox if the file you are uploading contains revised/updated results from a previous submission…" to inform MDH.
  • This usually applies to discordant results. For example, you submitted a negative result that was positive.

If an uploaded file was a mistake, for example, you submitted yesterday's results versus today:

  • Use the help function to report it.

Training materials



Request help

MDH RePortal allows you to ask for help in certain places. Click the "Request help" button at any point you need help. This takes you to a page that populates your name, the organization you are with, and your email address.

Enter a phone number and a description of the issue you are experiencing. Click on the "Complete" button when you are done describing your issue.

MDH staff is notified when you request help. Please allow one business day for a response. If you do not hear from MDH, please contact health.ElectronicDiseaseReporting@state.mn.us about your help request. If you are requesting help during the weekend or on a holiday, please expect a response on Monday or the next business day.

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