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Travelers: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Planning to travel

CDC recommends avoiding all non-essential travel to all global destinations. Review travel recommendations posted on CDC: Travel if you are planning to travel, and keep an eye on the news for updates on this evolving situation.

Returning from international travel

There is widespread, ongoing community transmission spread worldwide. If you have traveled internationally in the past 14 days, stay home and monitor your health.

For specific instructions, including what to do if you should get sick, visit CDC: Travelers Returning from International Travel.

Travel restrictions

CDC has implemented guidance for managing and assessing people coming to the U.S. from several restricted areas, including China, Iran, most European countries, and the United Kingdom.

Under this guidance, only U.S. citizens, legal residents, and their immediate families are able to come to the U.S. from restricted areas. Foreign nationals who have visited any of the restricted areas in the preceding 14 days may not be allowed to enter the U.S.

Find a current list of restricted countries and more information at CDC: Travelers Prohibited from Entry to the United States.


If you have any questions, please contact MDH at 651-201-5414.

Updated Wednesday, 01-Apr-2020 07:35:54 CDT