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COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Registration

COVID-19 vaccine is distributed through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) centralized vaccine distribution system. This is the same system that is used to distribute vaccine for the Minnesota Vaccines for Children, (MnVFC) and Uninsured and Underinsured Adult Vaccination (UUAV) programs.

Provider sites formally register with MDH and to sign a federal COVID-19 vaccine provider agreement to receive and administer COVID-19 vaccine. MDH has been registering providers in phases, as described below.

Becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider

To start, organizations are asked to fill out an electronic survey if they want to administer COVID-19 vaccine to clients and patients (in addition to staff, if applicable). MDH uses the survey to invite providers to register officially as a COVID-19 vaccine provider. The pre-registration survey can be found in the last section below.

Official registration includes these steps:

  • Complete a provider agreement. The agreement outlines the obligations of receiving COVID-19 vaccine.
    • Obligations include agreeing to observe Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations for priority populations as well as submitting near real-time data to Minnesota's immunization information system, known as MIIC.
  • Get signatures from the chief medical officer and CEO/CFO of your organization.
  • Submit the following information (for each location that will administer COVID-19 vaccine):
    • Contact information.
    • Estimate of the number of patients your location serves, by age group.
    • Capacity to store vaccines in various conditions.
    • Name and license number of each prescribing provider that will be involved with administering COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Complete training specific to COVID-19 vaccine management, administration, and data submission.

Preparing to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider

  • When preparing to become a COVID-19 vaccinator, it is important that your organization's plans consider all aspects of the vaccination process. This includes receiving vaccine, scheduling clients, vaccinating, and reporting vaccination data.
  • If you do not already participate in the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC), review Participating in MIIC to learn how to enroll your organization.
  • Become familiar with reporting product-specific data to MIIC. Decide how your organization will report data to the for all administered COVID-19 doses.
    • Reporting data electronically is highly encouraged. Consider if electronic data exchange is right for your organization. Review data exchange considerations and specification guides at Submitting and Exchanging Data with MIIC. Setting up a new interface between your electronic health record (EHR) and the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) takes time. Start this process as early as possible.
    • See the COVID-19 vaccine reporting requirements section in the Interim COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guide (PDF) for a list of reporting expectations and requirements
  • Identify how you will schedule people for same-day vaccination appointments (i.e., does your system have this ability?). Consider a vaccine management technology option if your organization needs a scheduling tool or a program to maintain records of administered doses that can send the data to MIIC.
  • Assess your storage and handling capacity. Identify if you have additional capacity to store refrigerated (2 to 8 degrees C), frozen (-15 to -25 degrees C), and ultra-cold (-60 to -180 degrees C) vaccines. Follow all storage and handling requirements outlined in the appendices of the provider guide for on-site and off-site vaccine storage at COVID-19 Vaccine Providers.
  • If you will be redistributing vaccine, identify how your organization will track inventory of vaccine on hand. Refer to the COVID-19 Vaccine: Redistribution and Off-site Vaccination Guide (PDF) for more information.
  • Plan how your organization will follow up with clients who are due or overdue for their second COVID-19 vaccine dose (based on vaccine product). Find tips in the COVID-19 vaccine second-dose section of the Interim COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guide (PDF).
  • Ensure you can retrieve information on which COVID-19 vaccine product you gave to each client for their first dose.
    • If your electronic health record pulls client vaccination records from MIIC, verify that your system can display which COVID-19 vaccine product was administered for the first dose.
    • If your electronic health record does not display product-specific information from MIIC, contact the MIIC help desk at

Getting officially registered

Complete this survey if you are interested in becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider. We will use information from this survey to reach providers about formal registration.

By providing a point of contact via this survey, you are indicating only the intent of your practice or clinic site to serve as a COVID-19 vaccine provider. Indicating your intent via this survey is non-binding. Please submit only one survey per practice or clinic.

Sign-up for MDH COVID-19 vaccine provider email updates:

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