HIV/AIDS Statistics - 2016 - Minnesota Dept. of Health

HIV/AIDS Statistics - 2016


  • Total HIV diagnoses for 2016 similar to 2015

  • Male to male sex remains the leading risk factor for HIV

  • More than half of newly reported cases were among communities of color

  • Cases among 20-29 year olds remain high

  • Cases among injection drug users indicate a continuing increase over the last two years

  • Regionally, there was a 41% increase in new HIV cases in Greater Minnesota from 2015

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Surveillance Reports

  • HIV Incidence Report, 2016 (PDF)
    HIV Incidence Report, 2016 (PPT)

    This report describes the occurrence of reported HIV infections in Minnesota by person, place, and time through December 31, 2016. Such data provide information about where and among whom HIV transmission is likely occurring. This knowledge can in turn be used to help educate, target prevention efforts, plan for services, and develop policy.

Data Tables

HIV Incidence Report 2016 Tables

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