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Infectious Disease Lab LIS Updates

Infectious Disease Lab Implementing New Laboratory Information System as of March 31, 2020

The Infectious Disease Laboratory (IDL) has migrated to Orchard as the new Laboratory Information System (LIS) effective March 31, 2020. What this means for submitting labs:

Specimen Submission

  • Specimens received by the IDL on and after Tuesday March 31, 2020 will be accessioned into the new system.

  • The current submission process will remain the same after implementation, but the submission form has been updated to an interactive PDF. The updated form is ready for use and is located on the Infectious Disease Lab Forms Page. This new submission form, with updated orderable test choices, will continue to be optimized so please bookmark this form. The previous submission forms will still be accepted for 30 days after implementation.

  • Our test offerings and methodologies have not changed but the test name/code may be different.
  • Result Reporting

  • Patient test reports will continue to be sent via Fax, though the look of coversheet and faxed report will be different.

  • The tests being performed are not changing, but the name of the test may have changed. The IDL has standardized report language for results to "POSITIVE" and "NEGATIVE" where applicable. In lieu of "DETECTED" and "NOT DETECTED".

  • Working List of Test Names with Possible Results (PDF)
    Test names, sub-test names, LOINC codes, and possible results.
  • More to come

  • Starting later in 2020 our partners will have the opportunity to enter all submissions through an online portal instead of a paper submission form. Partners will also have the option to access result reports through the portal instead of receiving reports via fax. If you are interested in using the portal or for additional information about it, please contact Dan Stets
  • Infectious Disease Laboratory Support

    For support with facility contact issues, problems with faxed reports, questions/comments about the LIS, or general feedback, please fill out the MDH Infectious Disease Lab Support Form. For immediate support, contact IDL Operations team at 651-201-4242.
    Updated Monday, 30-Mar-2020 09:13:57 CDT