e-Data Exchange Registry

Registration for Electronic Data Exchange

It will be helpful to have information gathered before you access the registration application below. You will be able to save the information entered and access it at a later time if necessary.

  • Determine if you will be registering as an individual professional/hospital or multiple professionals/ hospitals. Multiple registrations will need to complete the multiple provider spreadsheet (EXL). Please save the file to your computer once it is completed, you will be asked to upload it into the system.

  • Download the Registering as an Individual Provider tip sheet (PDF) or the Registering Multiple Providers tip sheet (PDF) for more details on the information you will need to enter.

  • If you are registering professionals or hospitals at multiple sites/locations and those sites/locations use different EHRs, submit separate registrations based on the EHR used. Each registration, whether for individual or multiple providers, can only list one EHR.

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After the registration is submitted, a confirmation message will be emailed to the meaningful use contact. Keep this confirmation message as part of your meaningful use documentation for attestation and/or audit. When the MDH programs receive the registration information, further details regarding the onboarding process, including the queue process if applicable, will be sent by email.

Questions: health.meaningfuluse@state.mn.us

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