e-Health Using Data

Using Electronic Health Record Data to Improve Community Health

Connecting Communities with Data:
A practical guide for using electronic health record data to support community health

Minnesota’s communities are recognizing the potential to collaborate across clinical care and local public health to improve the health of all people in their communities. Data housed within electronic health records (EHRs) have the potential to provide robust and timely data on subpopulations, geographic areas, and health conditions that are typically underrepresented in traditional surveillance methods.

The purpose of this toolkit is to share the stories and experiences of three pioneering collaborations between local public health and health care in Minnesota that are using EHR and public health data to improve the health in their community. This type of work is relatively new, so ideas and documents shared in this toolkit will be updated over time. The Minnesota Department of Health welcomes your thoughts on how to update this practical guide to keep it useful and practical for Minnesota collaborations. If you have questions or comments about this document, please contact mn.ehealth@state.mn.us.

Updated Thursday, 26-May-2022 10:50:01 CDT