News release: MDH reports first-week cannabis registration numbers

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June 8, 2015

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MDH reports first-week cannabis registration numbers

Call center is available to answer practitioner and patient questions

Minnesota’s medical cannabis registration system had 104 health care practitioners set up accounts during the program’s first week following its June 1 launch. Practitioners certified 27 patients and eight certified patients completed the process and were approved to pick up medical cannabis starting July 1.

Here are the first-week results:

  • 104 health care practitioner applications have been initiated
  • 54 health care practitioners are registered and authorized to certify patients
  • 27 patients have been certified by their practitioner
  • 11 certified patients have completed their online registration and payment
  • 8 patients have been approved in the registry to pick up medical cannabis on July 1
  • 7 patient caregivers have completed online registration and are awaiting background check results
  • 2 patient caregivers have received their background checks and are approved in the registry

“We’re pleased a significant number of practitioners have been able to use the system as it was designed,” said Assistant Commissioner Manny Munson-Regala. “For those practitioners who still have questions, we encourage them to call the MDH medical cannabis call center to get answers.”

An essential first step for those patients interested in medical cannabis is to visit a health care practitioner - a doctor, advanced practice registered nurse or physician assistant - who can go to the MDH website and certify that the patient has one or more of the qualifying conditions. Once a practitioner certifies a patient, the patient will receive an email link where they can register at the MDH website to receive medical cannabis after the program goes live on July 1. There is no time limit on when practitioners or patients can register.

Practitioners, who qualify under the law, voluntarily choose whether to certify patients. Patients may seek a second opinion if their practitioner declines to participate. Patients also need to consider the potential out-of-pocket costs, which could be hundreds of dollars a month. Minnesota insurers do not cover medical cannabis.

For more information, practitioners, patients and others can visit the Office of Medical Cannabis website, or call MDH at 651-201-5598 or toll free at 844-879-3381, or email  


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