News release: Immunization excellence award given to Affiliated Community Medical Center, Willmar

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September 25, 2015

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Immunization excellence award given to Affiliated Community Medical Center, Willmar

Award recognizes leadership, good strategy, and advocacy for immunization

Affiliated Community Medical Center (ACMC) Willmar has received the 2015 G. Scott Giebink Excellence in Immunization Award. The Giebink award recognizes an organization that exhibits leadership, good strategy, and strong advocacy for immunization. This year’s award also focused on achievement in vaccine-preventable disease surveillance and reporting.

ACMC Willmar’s nomination highlighted the array of immunization and vaccine-preventable disease surveillance activities they conduct. Disease surveillance is the process of tracking where certain diseases are occurring in order to help prevent or stop outbreaks. Certain vaccine-preventable diseases are required to be reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), but ACMC Willmar's activities to monitor disease in their region go above and beyond what's required. They participate in enhanced disease surveillance for influenza and pertussis (whooping cough) that enables a more complete picture of vaccine-preventable disease activity in Minnesota.

“ACMC has shown great leadership with their dedication to promoting immunizations and thoroughly monitoring for vaccine-preventable diseases,” said Kristen Ehresmann, director of infectious diseases for the Minnesota Department of Health. “Their partnership is vital to helping us protect and maintain the health of all Minnesotans.”

Along with monitoring for disease, ACMC is a constant advocate for the benefits of immunization and engages their diverse community in conversations about vaccine-preventable diseases. They also promote provider education with monthly learning sessions that highlight updates to immunization recommendations.

“We are delighted to be recognized with this honor,” said Jo DeBruycker, RN, MPH, with Affiliated Community Medical Centers. “This is reflective of the commitment of our entire team at ACMC, and would not be possible without the involvement at all levels and layers of the organization.”

The Giebink award is given annually in memory of G. Scott Giebink, M.D. (1944-2003). Along with his work as an internationally respected expert in middle ear disease and immunization, Dr. Giebink was also a leader in the creation of MinnesotaCare, a publicly subsidized health care program for residents who do not have access to affordable health care coverage. Dr. Giebink was a great advocate of immunization and strongly believed in access to health care for all children. Clinics or organizations that display leadership or innovative work in the area of immunization are nominated to receive the award.

For more information, see Immunization Awards.


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