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WIC Reports & Data

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WIC provides data reports, maps and fact sheets on many topics (see links to WIC Reports & Data pages below). WIC staff will also find summary and ad-hoc reports in Infoview. Other pre-defined reports are available in the Information System (HuBERT).

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Interactive Reports

WIC Interactive Data
Interactive graphs providing WIC data on food benefit utilization.

Monthly Participation

The FFY Cumulative Monthly Summary reports found on the WIC Monthly Participation page provide participation counts for closed-out months by Grantee. Participation is based on issuance of food benefits.

Annual Reports

MN WIC Health Indicators Summary
A summary of WIC health outcome information for women, infants and children.

Birth Outcomes
WIC information for birth weight, preterm births, full term low birth weight, maternal prenatal participation and infant birth weight, and appropriate weight gain during pregnancy.

WIC breastfeeding information for initiation and duration, breastfeeding initiation from MN birth records; including fact sheets and maps.

Health Risks
WIC information for health risks including pre-pregnancy smoking and inter-pregnancy intervals.

Food Benefits
WIC redemption and utilization of benefits information.

Participation & Demographics
Enrollment by insurance type and birth order for infants born in MN, maternal prenatal participation, participation by age and WIC category; including fact sheets and maps.

Weight Status, Growth & Anemia
WIC information for weight status and anemia in women and children; including fact sheets.

AOIC Definition - WIC Annual Reports
AOIC refers to Alone or In Combination in Race/Ethnicity reports.

Infoview & End-of-Month (EOM) Reports

Access to, information about, and training for the reporting tool used by the State to create ad-hoc report templates for WIC Infoview users.

End-of-Month (EOM) Reports
Information about reports created during the EOM process and stored in the AGENCY EOM folder for WIC Infoview users.

HuBERT Pre-defined Reports

HuBERT Reports
Reports training, for HuBERT users, and guidance documents that explain how to read specific on-demand reports that can be generated in HuBERT, the WIC Information System, by Local Agency users.

Requesting WIC Data

More Data/Information

For more MN public health data please see the following, which have some WIC data integrated into their data:

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