2020 Adding New Medical Conditions - Medical Cannabis Program - Minnesota Dept. of Health

2020 Adding New Medical Conditions - Medical Cannabis Program

2020 Petitions to Add a Qualifying Medical Condition

MDH will add sickle cell disease and chronic vocal or motor tic disorder to the list of qualifying medical conditions for participation in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program.

MDH accepts petitions from the public to add qualifying medical conditions and new delivery methods. This process takes place every year in June and July.

There were no petitions for adding new delivery methods in 2020.

If I have either of these two conditions, when can I sign up for the program?

Patients certified for sickle cell disease or chronic motor or vocal tic disorder became eligible to enroll in the state's Medical Cannabis program on July 1, 2021, and can receive medical cannabis from either of the state's two medical cannabis manufacturers starting Aug. 1, 2021. As with other qualifying conditions, patients need advance certification from a Minnesota health care provider.

Anxiety petition review and report

MDH took a deeper look at specific anxiety disorders in 2021. As part of the additional study, MDH convened a work group that included health care practitioners who treat patients with anxiety disorder.

Learn more about the Anxiety Disorder Review.

Petitions Considered in 2020

Petitions for potential qualifying conditions considered in 2020, along with related issue briefs, include:

Public Written Comments Received

Review the 2020 Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program Medical Condition Petition Comments (PDF).

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