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Creating Health Equity Through Health Services

Key Role in Health Equity

children of multiple races laying in the grass with their heads forming the center of a circle.School nurses have an essential role to play in creating equity for students, related to health and their education. School nurses have a unique vantage point because so often they are helping a student and their family to get all of their basic needs met in order to ensure that their health can be maintained and they can be in school and ready to learn. School nurses are providing referrals, assisting with forms, or even direct contacts, going on home visits and so much more. More and more school nurses are recognizing the powerful effects of the relationships they have with students and their families and are using them to ensure students have health and academic access.

Refugee, Immigrant and Migrant Health

Minnesota's Refugee Health Program partners with local health departments, private health care providers, and community organizations to offer each new refugee arrival a comprehensive screening examination, appropriate follow-up or referral, and community-based health education. The School Nurse's role is multifaceted in assisting families with obtaining necessary paperwork and supporting them as they learn to navigate a new health system, both in school and at the provider.

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