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Newborn Screening Family Stories:
Brandon & Taylor's Story

Brandon Taylor

When Brandon Dahley was born, a screening test for his disorder was not available. Appearing to be a healthy newborn, his family treated him like a "normal" child. However, Brandon was not normal, he suffered from SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency) a rare disorder where babies are born without an immune system and are unable to fight off infections, such as a common cold. This is exactly what happened to Brandon, he caught a cold and because his body lacked the ability to fight off this infection, he passed away at the age of seven months.

Because of Brandon's death, the family knew to look for SCID during the pregnancy of their second child. It was confirmed at just 10 weeks into the pregnancy that Heather was carrying another baby boy with SCID. Thankfully, Taylor was treated with a bone marrow transplant and is living a very healthy life today.

NOW there is a test for this disorder and it can be screened for at birth. I don't want to see another baby suffer like our precious Brandon did. Remember, newborn screening SAVES LIVES!