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Family Stories

About the stories on this page

While most families receive normal results, almost every day a Minnesota newborn's life is changed because of the results they received from newborn screening. Just click on a story below and let Minnesota families tell you about the difference screening made in their lives. We sincerely thank all of the families who volunteered to share their stories.

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Story categories

Amino acid disorders Cystic fibrosis Endocrine disorders
False positive screens Fatty acid oxidation disorders Galactosemia
Hearing loss Heart defects Hemoglobinopathies
Negative screens Immune disorders (SCID)

Amino acid disorders

Andrea and Commissioner Ehlinger

Andrea's story
My name is Andrea Diane Bastian and I believe that every child deserves a chance. Without newborn screening that chance would be taken away from many babies. Without newborn screening I would not be standing here today.

Read Andrea's full story.

Ryker and Kreed

Ryker and Kreed's story
Beautiful baby Ryker was born in Willmar in February 2011. I was in love. We brought him to church at five days old and showed him off—then I checked my phone on our way home to find a voicemail from the on-call pediatrician from Rice Hospital to call him back.

Read Ryker and Kreed's full story.

Cystic fibrosis

Zac and Ella

Zac and Ella's story
Thanks to the newborn screening test I found out my youngest has Cystic Fibrosis (CF)! Thru that test we also figured out why my 2 yr old was always sick - he too has CF. Had they not taken my baby's blood drops -- and it is the tiniest drops -- we would be dealing with 2 very sick children!!

Read Zak and Ella's full story.

Endocrine disorders


Greta's story
Our daughter, Greta, was born with congenital hypothyroidism, which was first detected by her newborn screen. I can't possibly put into words what it means to us that she will be given the best possible chance of growing up strong and healthy.

Read Greta's full story.


Lucia's story
On July 12, 2008 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Lucia, into our lives. Although she arrived a little later than we had hoped, she was definitely worth the wait!

Read Lucia's full story.


Sophia's story
Our daughter Sophia was born on April 22, 2011, almost a week late. My pregnancy was fairly normal, and giving birth to her was very easy! But the doctors were concerned...

Read Sophia's full story.

False positive screens


Sydney's story
Our little Sydney was born on July 19 weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces. Every doctor and nurse that listened to her lungs and heart said “You have a very healthy baby girl!” At this point, we had no worries.

Read Sydney's full story.

Fatty acid oxidation disorders


Gabriel's story
Our son Gabriel was born happy and healthy. When he was 3 days old, Gabe underwent a simple medical procedure. In the hours following the procedure, Gabe's blood sugar dropped to 34, he was unresponsive. With the help of the nurse we were able to feed Gabe a bottle and he returned to normal within a half hour.

Read Gabriel's full story.


Giselle's story
Though we do not live in Minnesota, we wanted to share our experience because our story would be very different had our child been born in a state like Minnesota that has such a comprehensive newborn screening program.

Read Giselle's full story.


Ryan's story
My son, Ryan, was born healthy and strong, but quickly got very sleepy. Like my oldest son, he was not a good nurser and fell asleep a lot at the breast. I took advantage of the rest and didn't think twice about it.

Read Ryan's full story.



Althea's story
We brought our daughter, Althea Wren, home from the hospital on a Monday. The newborn screening results came in on Wednesday and showed a positive result for galactosemia. Our pediatrician called to inform us of the positive test and had us come in for some further blood tests.

Read Althea's full story.


Evan's story
Eighteen years ago, when I was only three days old, I became very sick. I couldn't communicate my problems beyond my cries, I did not have a voice of my own, so my parents did not know what was going on. My parents did not know the severity of my sickness.

Read Evan's full story.

Hearing loss

Amanda and Ashley

Amanda and Ashley's story
When our twin girls were born in 2001, I knew I wanted to have their hearing tested as soon as possible. Thanks to the then volunteer newborn hearing screening program that became mandated in 2007 we knew within two days of their birth as to whether the girls passed or failed the newborn hearing screening test.

Read Amanda and Ashley's full story.


Austin's story
Austin was born one month early by emergency C-section. He was in the NICU for one week. When he was 5 days old, we were told he did not pass his hearing test. They told us that they would do the test one more time, just in case Austin had fluid in his ears due to the C-section.

Read Austin's full story.


Bryce's story
We received two gifts the week of 10/10/10: the first was Bryce being born into our family. The second was MN Newborn Screening detected his profound deafness before we came home from Rochester Methodist Hospital.

Read Bryce's full story.


Kendra's story
On December 5th, 2006 my world changed, I was blessed with my first child, Kendra. At the time I knew nothing of the newborn hearing screening process.

Read Kendra's full story.


Layla's story
After the birth of our first daughter, we knew just what to expect when our second daughter was born. They are only 19 months apart and we were still in "baby" mode. The new room was ready, the car seat securely fastened, and monitors were strategically placed throughout the house.

Read Layla's story in its entirety, plus an interview with 8-year-old Layla.

Image of Max

Max's story
My little Max and Alex were born on May 15, 2014 at 28 weeks gestation. They came into this world a bit early due to complications of the twin pregnancy. They spent several weeks in the NICU learning to adjust to the outside world.

Read Max's full story.

Image of Rilee and Harrison

Rilee and Harrison's story
Seven years ago our family was given the shocking news that our baby girl was deaf. Words cannot describe how unprepared, overwhelmed, and scared we were as first-time parents. Yet over time our fears slowly subsided as we found ourselves amidst a strong network of professionals...

Read Rilee and Harrison's full story.

Heart defects

Image of Aria

Aria's story

After a completely normal pregnancy and delivery, Aria came into this world. Aria has an older sister, and I often worried "how could I possibly love another child as much as I already love Harper." Immediately following her birth, we fell in love with our beautiful baby girl.

Read Aria's full story.

Image of Greta

Greta's story
With Greta, I had an uncomplicated pregnancy with regular level three ultrasounds that indicated no concerns. So on the snowy, sleety morning of her birth, my husband and I were full of excitement. I had an amazingly fast and smooth delivery, with Greta squawking before she fully entered the world.

Read Greta's (Great Heart) full story.

Image of Jonas

Jonas's story
I will never know for sure, but I like to think that if newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease had been available, we would have found our son Jonas’s heart defects much earlier than we did. I wish I had known to ask for a pulse oximetry test when he was born.

Read Jonas's full story.

Image of Megan

Megan's story
My family calls me “little big heart.” I’ve had four open-heart surgeries to help treat my congenital heart defect. Because I was born before newborn screening included pulse oximetry and my twin sister was healthy, it took doctors weeks to diagnose my congenital heart defect.

Read Megan's full story.

Image of Nora

Nora's story
From the moment we saw the long-awaited positive pregnancy test, we did everything "right." I ate organic foods, exercised, took vegan prenatal vitamins, and went to every doctor appointment. Every ultrasound—including a clear fetal echocardiogram of our baby’s heart—showed a healthy baby.

Read Nora's full story.



Danyella's story
I am so glad Newborn Screening tested my blood when I was born. Now I am able to live a healthy life with my blood disease. I'm happy I got to know my wonderful doctor at Children's Hospital. He takes great care of me and keeps me healthy so I can do all the normal stuff with my friends.

Read Danyella's full story.

Negative screens

Audrey and Colton

Audrey and Colton's story
Every parent has so many things to worry about with a new baby. As practicing audiologists, my husband and I both understood how important it is to go through newborn screening so that we would have as much information as possible about how to best meet our children's needs.

Read Audrey and Colton's full story.


Elisa's story
Our daughter Elisa was born at 33 weeks weighing less than 4 lbs. She was so small, her little arms were the same size as our fingers! She spent the first 3 weeks in the NICU, sleeping, growing and learning how to eat.

Read Elisa's full story.


Josie's story
Even though Josie passed her newborn screen, we were both so grateful to know that it had been done. What better gift to give your child than the healthiest, best future possible?

Read Josie's full story.


Niko's story
I didn't know anything about newborn screening, but I'm sure glad that my wife and the nurses got Niko checked out. Everything turned out fine. You can see from the photo he's doing great.

Read Niko's full story.

Immune disorders (SCID)

Brandon and Taylor

Brandon and Taylor's story
When Brandon Dahley was born a screening test for his disorder was not available. Appearing to be a healthy newborn, his family treated him like a "normal" child. However, Brandon was not normal.

Read Brandon and Taylor's full story.