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MFAR Registration Information

How do I register with the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry (MFAR)?

Read and fill out the MFAR Registration Form (PDF) . Instructions are included with the form. Return the registration form to the Minnesota Department of Health. There is no registration fee.

Registering with MFAR does not establish you as the child’s legal father. A legal father is the man the law recognizes as the father of a child.

You may register before the child is born. You must register within 30 days of the child's birth to protect your rights if the child is in the adoption process.

Is registration required?

No. Registration is voluntary.

Will registering with MFAR put my name on the child’s birth record?

No. Only a legal father’s name is on his child’s birth record. A legal father is the man the law recognizes as the father of a child. For information about establishing paternity, see the MFAR Frequently Asked Questions page.

What must I do after registering with MFAR?

You must notify MFAR if your address changes. This is to assure that you receive notice if your child is in the adoption process.

Will I have to pay child support if I register with MFAR?

Registering on MFAR does not force you to pay child support. However, child support agencies may search MFAR to find a putative father. If a search locates your name in MFAR, the child support agency will help you establish parentage and an order for child support.

You may want to contact the local county child support office. If you apply for child support, the child support office can help you establish paternity. Visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services Applying for services webpage.

If you have questions about the Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry, call 651-201-5994 or 1-888-345-1726 toll free.  


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