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WIC Breastfeeding Materials

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World Breastfeeding Week
Free Breastfeeding Posters
Other Breastfeeding and Support Materials

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World Breastfeeding Week


2021 WBW News Release Template (WORD)

WIC Social Medial Toolkit - August 2021 (WORD)

WABA / World Breastfeeding Week 2021
Visit the WABA site for additional campaign materials and other information.

Downloadable images formatted to view on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

MN Breastfeeding Laws Image (PDF)

Human Milk Storage Guidelines (PDF)

Downloadable graphics and templates to use for exhibits, displays, or for creating your own materials.

Breastfeeding Squad Magnet (PDF)

MN Breastfeeding Laws Card (PDF)

World Breastfeeding Week Thank You Postcard (PDF)

Human Milk Storage Guidelines magnet (PDF)

Leafy Doodads
3 Color Leaves (png)
Big Leaf Clear (png)
Blue Leaf (png)
Dark Green Leaf (png)
Green Leaves (png)
Light Green Leaf (png)
Maroon Leaf (png)
Multi-Leaves 1 (png)
Multi-Leaves 2 (png)
Multi-Leaves 3 (png)
Multi-Leaves 4 (png)
Multi-Leaves 5 (png)
Multi-Leaves Clear (png)
Orange Leaf (png)
Small Leaf Clear (png)

Free Breastfeeding Posters

WIC Agency Materials Order Form on the WIC Tools page
The MN Dept. of Health WIC Program has posters that can be ordered by MN WIC Local Agencies.

New for 2019! Hmong Breastfeeding Posters are available through a partnership with Ramsey SHIP & the MN Breastfeeding Coalition. These may also be ordered in limited quantities from the WIC Agency Materials Order Form page.

Honor the Past Embrace the Future - watercolor art (PDF)

Honor the Past Embrace the Future - photo (mom in white shirt) (PDF)

Honor the Past Embrace the Future - photo (mom in blue shirt) (PDF)

Other Breastfeeding and Support Materials

Includes National Women's Health Information Center/Breastfeeding Support Line phone number and a photo frame. Call #1-800-994-9662 to request magnets.

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